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So grateful for yet another amazing visit at Casa Azul! Jimi and Lori are wonderful people and we love being part of the neighbourhood when we are on the Island. My first visit was with a girlfriend and I can confirm that it’s great for a girl’s getaway, second time was with my husband and we absolutely loved our evenings on the rooftop by the pool and this last visit was with my husband, my 10 year old and another couple (friends) who stayed in the room beside us upstairs. We all had the best fun, our friends were in love with the local neighbourhood and having their own little cottage-like room. And for the record, my son, who is used to resorts and fancy hotels (we travel a lot) said, within 10 minutes of looking around "this is the BEST place we’ve ever been!" lol Resorts are all the same, staff are paid to be sugary, if that’s what you want, go to a resort. If you want to meet the local people, eat amazing local food, watch a soccer game, wander around barefoot by the cliffs, catch the sunrise at the Moon Goddess Temple……well, this is for you. Thanks Jim & Lori! Thanks Chely! See you next year! Steve and Natalie 🙂

The description of the property was accurate and the location in a local neighborhood really gave us the local feel of the island. Our room was right next to the pool on the second floor and we enjoyed the use of the pool and patio chairs upstairs in the late evenings.

We rented a golf cart and I highly recommend renting one for your stay as they will deliver it right to you here at Casa Azul. Jim knows the owners of the golf cart agency and he called them as soon as we arrived, the golf cart was there within minutes. We had booked the cart online and they were ready to deliver as soon as we arrived. We took a taxi from the ferry dock just so we didn’t have to mess with luggage but we will just walk to the golf cart place from the ferry on our next visit as everything is close in the Centro.

Chedraui is very close by golf cart and we visited many times for alcohol and a few groceries. We only cooked breakfast occasionally in our unit and ate out the rest of the time but we kept the fridge loaded with our refreshments of choice (and bottled water) for our daily excursions to the beaches etc. We always travel with a cooler and we just strapped it onto the golf cart and took it everywhere. Where else in the world can you walk into a bank, grocery store, etc with a mixed drink in your Yeti. The island is so laid back, it”s just plain relaxing. We went to Cozumel for a week after our visit on Isla Mujeres and we prefer the small island life of Isla Mujeres.

Karen, I feel extremely bad that you were not happy but you stayed here for your whole 5 nights and never said a word to us that you were unhappy about anything. That is very disappointing because we are always very quick to remedy any problems that may arise. Your mattress was a 2 month old Sealy, yes it was firm because that is what most people prefer. If you would have told me you were not happy I would have swapped it out. It is plainly posted that you were to receive 2 clean towels every 3rd day but as some do, they request a little extra and get extras. No we do not furnish beach towels, even the big expensive AC places charge extra for them as the laundry is very expensive. As far as the sheets smelling, that is a big problem here on this humid island and if you recall you came to me on the first night and mentioned it to me and received 2 different pillow cases on the spot. As far as the dusty curtains and fans, I apologize and the fans were cleaned and the curtains were washed yesterday. Also the dishes and silverware were all rewashed but it would help if the guests would not check out leaving dirty dishes on the counter. We will truly try and do better and hope that you may return as we do have many good qualities.