African pride launches moisture miracle collection especially for kinky, coily hair electricity 2015

"At African Pride, we understand that women with natural kinky, coily hair textures struggle with two main issues: dryness, which can make hair hard to style and maintain; and finding the right products that work for their unique hair textures," said Kendria Strong, Director of Marketing. "When developing Moisture Miracle, we looked for quality ingredients that replenished, restored and retained a level of moisture that would provide kinky, coily hair textures with more manageability throughout the entire process of washing, styling and maintaining their hair."

• Aloe & Coconut Water Detangle & Condition Pre-Shampoo ( $4.49; 12 oz.) – Start your wash day regimen with this ultra-conditioning pre-shampoo formula that instantly softens and detangles hair with the natural healing and soothing benefits of aloe vera combined with the hydrating properties of coconut water.

• Honey & Coconut Oil Nourish & Shine Shampoo ( $4.49; 12 oz.) – Gently cleans hair of dirt and build-up without stripping the follicles of their natural oils. The humectant and reparative benefits of honey and coconut oil combine to deeply penetrate and hydrate coils and curls.

• Honey, Chocolate & Coconut Oil Nourish & Restore Conditioner ( $4.49; 12 oz.) – This penetrating and deep hydration conditioning treatment restores moisture by combining the nutritive properties of honey and coconut oil with the restorative benefits of chocolate (cacao) to strengthen, transform and repair dry coils and curls.

• Coconut Oil & Baobab Oil Hydrate & Strengthen Leave-In Cream ( $4.49; 15 oz.) – Hydrate and strengthen hair with a nourishing blend of coconut and baobab oils. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, this leave-in cream infuses strands with nutrients, imparts lasting moisture, helps to protect against breakage and adds shine.

• Shea Butter & Flaxseed Oil Moisturize & Define Curling Cream ( $4.49; 12 oz.) – This versatile styling cream blends shea butter and flaxseed oil to provide deep moisture, lasting definition and radiant shine, ensuring coils and curly styles are smooth and bouncy with soft hold.

• Moroccan Red Clay & Shea Butter Detox & Soften Heat Activated Masque ( $4.49; 12 oz.) – This detoxifying and restorative clay masque uses the clarifying benefits of Moroccan red clay to remove impurities and product build-up on hair. Shea butter replenishes moisture and tames frizz.

• Strengthen & Protect 5 Essential Oils with Vitamin E ( $4.49; 4 oz.) – This must-have restorative hair and scalp oil blend uses a nourishing mix of five premium oils (Castor, Grapeseed, Argan, Coconut, Olive ) plus vitamin E to replenish natural nutrients, protect against breakage, promote growth and strengthen strands, all while infusing coils and curls with moisture and body.

For 30 years, African Pride has addressed the hair care needs of all hair types and textures whether natural or relaxed with brands like Shea Miracle, Olive Miracle and Dream Kids. African Pride is committed to creating affordable, effective products made from quality ingredients and marketed with integrity and respect. For more information about African Pride‘s full family of products, visit You can also join the African Pride conversation on Facebook (@MyAfricanPrideHair), YouTube (@AfricanPride), and on Instagram and Twitter (@MyAfricanPride). To start your own conversation about the brand, use its official hashtag #FeelingMyPride.