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We believe if such an organization had been built in Western countries in the 1950s to represent Europeans and other races took the appropriate action against Governments and against the race relations/equality acts and the genocide of different races was fought against in the courts, we may have reversed the situation that we find ourselves in today gas hydrates are used for example, instead of the Establishment allowing different races and cultures to be destroyed, it could have been stopped. It is sad to say that conservatism, which is phony nationalism promoted by so-called pro-whites, has really hindered our development because they did not build an Anti-Defamation Council and have not been able to change from their narrow ideas.

If you want such a group to be successful, you must fight for all racial groups. If you fight internationally for indigenous rights, including your own, you will have a better chance at being successful with this organizational setup. When setting up an organization please refer to our Affirmative Action article electricity voltage in usa and ensure you set up a security council with founding members to prevent being penetrated and being taken over by undesirables.

AfriForum is a South African Civil Rights Organization linked to the Solidarity Trade Union which was established in 2006, with a membership of approximately 170,000. Its objective is to encourage the participation of minority groups such as Afrikaners in public debate and civil action. It particularly promotes the protection of Afrikaner culture, has opposed the renaming of streets, and affirmative action within South Africa which it considers a form of discrimination. It aims to mobilize civil society specifically within minority communities in order to take part in the democratic debate.

The Youth division wishes to achieve cultural freedom for Afrikaners based on a framework of Christian democratic ideals. Currently, young AFrikaaners do not feel they can express their done with electricity tattoo book culture, language or religion without prejudice. The Youth division of Afriforum successfully won a civil court case against Julius Malema who repeatedly signs the words, Kill the Boer, at many ANC Youth League gatherings. Judge Collin Lamont, ruled in favor of the Afriforum and passed a guilty sentence within the High Court in Johannesburg in September 2011. He stated that: it undermined the dignity of Afrikaners, and was discriminatory and harmful.

This is not the only charge of hate speech that AfriForum has taken to court. They have taken other individuals including Ronald Lamola of the ANC Youth League who stated their political party would not guarantee the safety of Afrikaans who refused to give up their lands and mineral rights voluntarily. They also put in a complaint against Jason Mfusi, the leader of SASCO who stated on Social Networking sites: “My grandfather says a good farmer is a dead farmer.”

The Afriforum are committed to promoting multilingualism within the country. Their latest campaign is with the University of Pretoria who is currently considering switching all their lectures to English only. The Youth division had been attempting to resolve this through discussion with no avail so a campaign has now begun to ensure all students electricity and magnetism notes are protected and given equal opportunities for learning.

The EFF have shown increasing levels of violence against and Afrikaners (Boers) especially since Malema took over as President. Afriforum is continually trying to step up and provide a rational counter argument to their violence through numerous court cases, negotiations and media campaigns. Recently the EFF defaced many Afrikaner street signs in Pretoria by spray painting the letters ‘EFF’ over the name. Ian Cameron, the AfriForum Youth’s spokesperson made the following statement:

This organization has regularly criticized the government for its blatant disregard of the serious problem of farm murders. AfriForum activists are petitioning for farm murders to be declared a priority crime. They have raised widespread local awareness and increased international awareness of the problem by means of several campaigns including ‘Stop the Murders’ campaign.

In 2011, 25% of South Africa was owned and managed by the State. The majority of white-owned land is handled by commercial farmers who are the primary South African food producers. Alarmingly their numbers are dwindling rapidly with electricity transmission efficiency latest estimates showing approximately 30,000 farmers left. Fifteen years ago there were 60,000 white/Afrikaner farmers, yet the African Government does not feel there are any issues.

In 2010 a legal team for AfriForum representing farmers in Zimbabwe won a court bid to sue Zimbabwe’s government over its “cruel” and “vengeful” expropriation of South African-owned farms. In 2008 the regional court SADC tribunal ruled that Zimbabwe’s land reform was illegal and racist, and that those who had suffered discrimination by having their farms expropriated had the right to compensation.

AfriForum’s started a Community Safety Department to promote the safety of citizens within communities. Its main emphasis is to establish safety structures including neighborhood watches, farm watches, community forums and radio networks. In 2011 AfriForum commissioned Professor Rudolph Zinn of UNISA to conduct research into successful community safety structures in South Africa. The research has led to the compilation of a community safety handbook that has been implemented in all AfriForum branches countrywide. The department also focuses on the role of government and in particular that of law enforcement agencies and acts as a pressure group so that electricity prices over time citizens get the best safety and security possible. Useful Links and Videos