After all is said and done, bottom line… what is your biggest take-away from the fact that donald trump is the president of the united states – quora electricity magnetism and electromagnetism


Funny you should ask. The fact is, I’ve had an opinion on this since long before trump was elected electricity flow direction; long before most people even knew of or heard of the man. It’s an opinion that I felt very strongly about. In fact, this subject has come up before and I mentioned it in this answer. Stefan Pociask’s answer to Have you ever come into contact with a deranged lunatic who made you fear for your life?

The thing that led to the rather dramatic circumstances that I described in the answer above, was this: For the vast majority of my life, I’ve always felt very strongly that whoever achieves the ultimate level of leadership in our country… no matter if it was the person that physical science electricity review worksheet I voted for, or not… that person has earned the right to be there. And for that, if nothing else, they should be at least respected. My belief was that if someone could achieve this ultimate position, they have by the very nature of the process, been thoroughly vetted. It was my strong belief that, no matter the path this person followed to get there, they have, at multiple levels during their rise to the top, passed the smell test many times over dynamic electricity examples. Whether they got there by first being elected to a city council, or being a mayor, or governor or senator; by rising through the ranks of the military, like Eisenhower; by whatever method… at some point they have been closely examined by a large segment of our population, and been found worthy. If they have risen to the very top, it was clear to me that, even if I did not agree with their politics and platforms, in the end gas zone, they still must deeply care for our country. They have had millions and millions of eyes on them, and they have gone through so much time and effort as some type of civil servant.

In my mind, this bell-curve applied both to left/right and to responsible/irresponsible. One particular statistic was very relevant to me, and that was the sheer size of our population; approximately 325 million people. 325 MILLION grade 6 electricity! Polls and surveys, which is essentially what an election is a form of, are normally given credibility based, at least in part, on the sample size. We have free elections, and we have hundreds of millions of citizens. You can’t ask for much more than that in regard to wise and fair electoral decisions by a population.

I was 100% wrong. I am ashamed of my fellow Americans to have made such a stupid choice. Yes, stupid. I blatantly call out every one of you trump-voters as being stupid. You should be ashamed of yourselves; each and every one of you. To have ignored the rotten, putrid character of the gas buddy vile man that you placed into our most sacred position… to have ignored the true mountain of evidence which was all revealed before the election, of what this man was made of….

There simply are no words of how much I’m disappointed and ashamed of you as fellow citizens. This shyster of a man should have been removed in the primaries. Forget Hillary vs. Trump. Forget the “choosing the electricity outage lesser of two evils” crap. This man ran against well over a dozen people in primaries, ALL of whom were better in character; ALL of whom deserved it more; ALL of whom loved our country; ALL of whom were better human beings; even the mamby-pamby Ben Carson, to the extremely decent John Kasich, to the more than competent Lindsey Graham, to the… God help us… Tea Party nominee, Ted electricity transmission vs distribution Cruz. Any of them… all of them… were at least decent human beings. Above all, the absolute minimum requirement of being elected to the presidency of the greatest nation on Earth, is the necessity of being a decent human being.

So that’s it. I believed in Americans to do the right thing… even if it wasn’t my thing. I believed that the minimum requirement of being elected to a sacred position that has only been held by 44 different people, in over 240 years of our proud history as a nation…. the MINIMUM requirement of that is simply 6 gases being a relatively decent human being, and someone who loves our country, and cares about all Americans.

Let me add that I am currently a democrat, and voted that way, despite my apparent praise of the other 16 republicans who ran. Yet, I did take a deep look at all who ran, regardless of party, and I have voted for both parties. My point, if it’s not obvious, is that any of them would have been accepted by me, if they had won, and I would have, if nothing else, still respected them as human beings, and as President of the United States.

But for the first time in my long life… this cretin who you’ve put in the White House… I cannot respect or defend. For the first time, I loathe our President gasbuddy trip. I cringe at what all of our children are learning from this example we placed in front of them; the things he is teaching them that are okay and “fine”. I once gas engine tom paid a very steep price for defending a President that I voted against and didn’t agree with; nearly paid for it with my life, and it changed my life for the worse. Yet, I would have done it again, for any President. But for this true lowlife that has slithered into the White House on a trail of slime, and infected our Oval Office, I wouldn’t waste a spit, in his defense.

Each day that passes… literally each day… the difference between trump and Hillary grows wider.. the plausible comparison between them grows more and more absurd. This is actually one of the greatest gas dryer vs electric dryer hookups mass brainwashings in history… being convinced that Hillary was some kind of evil incarnate. Her faults were typical of any person in a presidential bid. All, in some way or other, had issues. Trump is in a category all by himself. Light years away from any of the candidates in 2016, from either party. The colossal void grows every day, since.

If a single trump supporter would take a moment at true self introspection… throw away emotion… throw away the lock-her-up and crooked electricity generation in usa Hillary chants that have been implanted into their brains by the self-absorbed con man in the white house… and just examine the facts… compare the molehill of faults on one side to the virtual Himalayan mountain chain of faults, lies, obstructions, vanities, deceptions, bad judgement, racism, bigotry, sexual predation, cruelties, hypocrisies, etc, etc, etc,… on the other side…. their shame of realizing how badly they have been manipulated by this con man/carnival barker/criminal, would send them running off screaming… furious that they have been so manipulated. But… this won’t happen. The base that is left… and all those who continue to make the trump/Hillary comparison of two that were equally bad… these people are all beyond help, as they will never attempt that honest k gas oroville introspection and honest examination of evidence that is so very clear.