After election, legal weed is closer than ever to magic valley southern idaho crime and courts k electric jobs 2015


As someone who drives on 93 south on regular basis, who has encountered more than their fair share of drunk idiots coming back from Jackpot as well other idiots who think they need to be paying more attention to their cell phone conversations let alone their video on their iPads or notebooks, the last thing that we need on that hwy is someone stoned out of their mind because now they can go to Jackpot or Wells for more than Gambling & Sex. Its bad enough that neither the county nor the state has enough officer’s to patrol 93 south on a consistent basis as is just for inattentive (cell phone) or drunk driving, but now I have to play a higher level of frogger when i’m out on that road… It’d definitely be nice if Sheriff Carter would find the culprits who killed that teen, give not only his family closer, but his friends too. As Well, as Baby Rose, and so many other cases. But it’d really be nice that Sheriff Carter would higher more Deputy’s so when one of us calls to report a Drunk Driver on Hwy 93 south…..that one can actually show up before the drunk makes across the border or causes another head on collision or tears up more fence lines that they never come out to repair. There’s a big difference between Medical Cannabis (which doesn’t require the THC level to be high, as it does if your using it to get high) & the recreational pot. We don’t need recreational marijuana in this state, we have enough idiots (even the seniors who should know better) driving with their cell phones stuck to their hands & either to their ears or out in front of their faces talking or texting & focusing too much on that, instead of what’s around them. But……i’m sure Idaho will just follow suite, so they won’t have to deal with peer pressure from their surrounding neighbors….

It really amazes me how uninformed people are about marijuana. Instead of listening to the news and your neighbors who listen to the news stop being sheep and use your own brain. Do your own research and form your own opinion. If you did this you would see how beneficial marijuana is to people. It really makes me laugh how you talk about babies being born to mothers using marijuana. I have never seen a child born to a mother who used this drug go through with drawls that caused them to have to stay in the hospital on medication to keep them from dying. There are people you walk past everyday who are high and you would never know because not everyone who uses it is a "pothead". You watch to much tv all you see are people sitting in a park with dreadlocks and tie dye clothes on playing banjos. You think a Dr. who smokes on the weekend is now not qualified to do a surgery LOL your Dr probably smokes and so do cops and judges and lawyers and business owners and people with cancer and kids who have seizures and people with a million other things that this "drug" helps. This is no different than any other thing that a legal adult can purchase. If used in moderation and correctly it doesn’t harm anyone. I have never seen pot tear a family apart but i have seen alcohol, meth, heroin, gambling and sex addiction tear families apart everyday. Do i think you should drive while high? That depends on your tolerance and how often you smoke. There is no perfect answer but don’t act like this is the worse thing that could have happened to these states. And as for the cops here I know several people who have been busted with pot or a "marijuana cigarette" and have been taken to jail. The cops in this state especially this town are the worst cops I have ever been around. Instead of working on real crime they make it a point here to target people who they "think" might have marijuana on them. Like people have said before work on real crimes that affect the entire town like people robbing gas stations and putting someones life in danger or kids being shot on the side of the road or murder suicides over what the hell ever. Marijuana is not the problem here the ignorance of the people here is the problem. And yes this includes the cops.