After gun control, comes knife control, but what comes after that – quora gas vs diesel engine


Despite what weapon is used in an attack, it’s always a lack of self control that leads the way. Yes, there are mentally ill individuals with strange delusions and such. However in most cases I have not found this to be a suitable explanation for violence.

So while weapon control might be helpful to decrease the level of violence, it really doesn’t touch on the reasons for violence. Personally I feel like we live more and more in a “throw away” society. Everything is easily discarded, and not much seems truly valuable anymore.

Throw away cell phones, computers, relationships, and most important among these….lives. Where are things like ingrained morals, sense of community, and accountability? Ultimately I don’t know what the total solution looks like, but I suspect it will require collaboration among many different fields. The world is changing, but evolution wise there’s no difference between 200 years ago and now. So obviously environment and opportunity is a huge factor in the level of violence playing out across the world.

Funny thing… In the US, there are already probably more laws restricting the carrying of various kinds of knives than guns. Many states have restrictions on what length of blade can be carried, if it must be concealed, switchblades are prohibited, etc. Yet, some of those same states allow you to walk down the street open carrying any firearm. Texas recently rectified this situation by legalizing the carry of any knife.

In general, countries and states make laws in response to the problems they are trying to solve. London, in particular, is trying to deal with an uptick in knife crimes right now, hence the article you’ve posted. The UK nationally, and most other countries with restrictions on gun ownership aren’t seeing this exact problem and have no such plans. BTW – it is legal and allowed to own guns in the UK (not handguns). There is a process that must be followed however.

So, to answer “what is next” doesn’t really make sense. Your question infers a non sequitur – that there is a progression from Guns bans to knife bans, then apparently to something else, when reality suggests something else. What people want to restrict depends on the location and what problems they are having. Recently, there has been talk about restricting gun ownership in the US in response to a specific problem of mass shootings. If the mass shootings stopped, you probably would stop hearing about this. If we suddenly had issues with people making pressure cooker bombs, we might start talking about tracking pressure cooker sales.

The important thing is not fanciful “what if” scenarios that are irrelevant, but that we work together to find responses that will help solve our problems. Personally, I don’t support gun bans because I don’t think they will be effective and will unreasonably restrict the use of guns for sport. I do think there are things we can do to better enforce existing restrictions and do better at keeping them out of the hands of those with violent tendencies or history. We need to be able to have these conversations without knee-jerk responses about banning knives and other such distractions.

You have the experiments and the results in Lenin and Stalinist Russia, mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, North Korea, Argentina and most recently Venezuela. When people are disarmed they are then oppressed. They are forced to work for the benefit of others. Sources of production dry up. Those who resist are arrested, imprisoned, killed.

There are actually two parts to the process: you also have to convince the majority that individuals are subordinate to the group. You do that through government schools that indoctrinate instead of educate. Keep the masses ignorant so they can be controlled because they can’t think for themselves. That is what’s going on the the US today.

Let’s look at the results: the lunatic left that hates America says it’s an evil country because of slavery. Well 700,000 people died in and ending slavery in the U.S. Know how many died in utopia socialistic societies in the 20th century? 100 million. Unarmed people are lambs brought to the slaughter. Have a look at England. It’s next.