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I rang with plenty of notice to disconnect my service from my home and reconnect to my new rental which all took place in the one phone conversation. I asked what the final bill would be and there was a credit in my favour of approx $85 which the operator arranged to be paid into my personal account. I have always been in advance with my payments. Note:I asked what was my final bill and the credit amount was the answer. The new owners of the home then rang some weeks later as it appeared the service had not been disconnected! I rang and gave exact day date time etc of my disconnection call. They said that the phone had dropped out even though I clearly recall thanking the operator for their kind assistance with both matters. The gas HAD NOT been disconnected at all. Also, they had NOT connected the gas at my new rental property which for tenancy reasons is a must! I had a call from the real estate demanding to know why i hadnt changed it and it was noted on my tenancy record! Then I rang AGL again to get the gas connected at new property. They sent a confirmation email to me containing the right address but wrong suburb! Another series of calls to have that rectified and then eventually 6 weeks later my gas was connected. in addition they credited my account with the stated credit of approx $85 then credited it again!! However it was not the final bill at all, i then received another final bill for disconnection which included the $85 amount (twice! plus disconnection fee and charges up until it was reconnected even tho i hadnt then lived there for 2 months)! Rang AGL to discuss these matters to no avail with someone who could not understand me speaking plain English. They had a heavy perhaps asian accent? I have been a loyal AGL customer for over 35 years and this incompetancy on every level is disgraceful. I have had to rectify all their mix ups and now have a black mark on my tenancy record through no wrong doing on my behalf. Not happy whatsoever.

I haven’t rented before. So switching over electricity and gas was a new process of me. And on page waiting around 12 hours in the day in order for someone to check the metre box WOULD be reasonable so long as there was clear communication throughout the process. AGL wouldn’t know how to communicate if their network depended on it. My experience was nothing short of atrocious. They do not have enough resource and connection between them and their third party connections team to communicate what they have done and what still needs doing. They handball you between departments, and then TRY and say later that they don’t have the resources to give you all the facts at the very beginning. They can’t give you a phone number to confirm if you need to be home or not. They cannot give you the right department of folks to speak to even amongst their own team. It took them nearly two weeks just to contact me for a reply after i had complained in writing. ANY PROFESSIONAL company with ANY FOCUS on customer service, would have reached out within max 72 hours. But ya know… this isn’t exactly a professional or courteous company. So IF you can find someone else to service your house, DO!! I trust they are out of business before I move house again.

AGL in March 2018, offered my parents $50k for their house in Bogong Village and an employee said that if they did not sell the property they would increase the body corporate fees to the point where they will not be able to afford to keep their house. The interesting point is that there are 28 other leasehold owners who have received the same treatment. It is also interesting, that my parents received and accepted an offer of $100k for the house in January and AGL are preventing the deal from proceeding. We know that the Federal Government is investing billions of dollars in the new Snowy Mountains Scheme, and AGL as the primary leaseholder of Bogong Village – will likely benefit significantly by consolidating the lease of 28 houses during the construction phase of the project. The CEO, Mr Andrew Vasey is responsible, and he should stop these underhand tactics and offer fair and reasonable prices for Bogong Village houses or alternatively desist and allow individual house owners to benefit from the project.