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I’m have problems with Agoda too. I agree that the customer service isn’t very good, and the 24 hour chat line name Tristan is a just completely rude and ignorant! I tried to book a resort at Maldives with them on Feb. 04, 2009, but they send me a message that the hotel is fully booked. So, fine I waited 2 days later to check on the resort grade 9 electricity test’s website of the place that I wanted to go and see an opening. I went back to make a booking with Agoda again using the same credit card. This time I received an email saying insufficient credit. I was pretty sure I have enough credit on my card. So I called up my credit card to check out why it won’t go through. My credit card’s customer electricity merit badge requirements support said that Agoda had charged my card during my purchase on the 4th. I call Agoda up and they say it is my Bank’s problem. I have to go tell my Bank to release the credit. So once again I call up my bank to ask what was going on. The bank said that the transaction on the 4th from Agoda went through in the system, and Agoda’s bank (Barclays) had not order any cancellation. Therefore they can not release the charged amount back. I called up Agoda again and they said then never charged it. Anyhow, I finally get to talk to their credit department and was told that the balanced was charged, but because the room was fully booked they have to inform their bank to release the charge back to my credit card provider, and that normally takes 5 working days to process. My trip is for the 13th of Feb., 2009 mp electricity bill payment online bhopal. The 6th(the day that I found out about the problem) is a friday, and I found out about it late in the afternoon. So the 5 working days to process would mean that my credit will be released on the 13th. And this was suppose to be my Honeymoon! Anyhow, Agoda did mention that they will keep sending requests to Barclay’s Bank in Scotland to speed things up, and will call me again the next day. Guess what? I received no call to follow up on the situation. I did wrote to them to complain, and that if this were electricity journal in the States, I would have sued for a better Honeymoon package, but since their office is in Thailand, I just have to tough it out. NEVER EVER EVER MAKE YOUR RESERVATION WITH AGODA! And just in case someone else is searching to see if Agoda is ok, Agoda trouble, Problem Agoda, Agoda ruined my trip, Negative feed backs Agoda. I hope when people search the internet these short phrase will hit and keep them away from Agoda. Anyhow, since suing in Thailand might not be a practical think to do, but I guess I can go to the press and make this public. I should begin writing right away. I feel are you gas 101 guys’ pain…and is still feeling it since I’m still waiting…and the time is running out…it’s the Maldives after all..and I still can not book my ticket since I need to get a confirmation of the room first. AARRRGGHHHHHH!!!

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! AVOID AGODA SCAM! A word to the wise! It is a crap shoot dealing with this company and I use the term company very cautiously! These are not reputable people, even though some folks have had success using them. From everything I have electricity 101 experienced myself and from others I have talked with, Agoda is a scam company that will do many slippery things. They cost me $650.00 because their site malfunctioned and put in the wrong month, (correct days, but wrong month). I had to write them for a print out of my voucher because their web site did ortega y gasset not provide one and they did not automatically send one, as most reliable companies do. Once I received my copy I immediately noted the wrong month and tried for over 24 hours to get someone to respond back. When they did they simply stated that I would lose my entire amount for my reservation if I did not keep the dates. If it had been only a couple of days I might have tried, but it was a month earlier than my planned arrival in Chiang Mai. They refused to budge and this is a lesson that all should heed. A reliable company will not hold to such firm policies when they are the ones that are at fault or even if there is a question. I have traveled professionally for 50 years and have never encountered any company as inflexible, unavailable or so lacking in PR skills or desire to have satisfied customers. I shall never use them again and know static electricity bill nye full episode of at least 6 others who feel the same way as a result of similar experiences. The old adage, where there is smoke, there is usually fire, really fits all the negative reports on this company.