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Originally from Washington State, Natalie has explored her yoga practice coast to coast from Seattle to New York to LA. Having settled here in the summer of 2013, Natalie turned her decade long practice into a career which she is entirely devoted to. She became a 200RYT through Inner Power Yoga in Woodland Hills, and immediately dove into teaching. She is currently working toward becoming a 500RYT in Sankalpa Shakti Vinyasa with Tracee Stanley. In addition to teaching for several local studios, Natalie also works with several private clients, including the Calabasas High School Boys Soccer team.

Natalie teaches a powerful c gastronomie brignais, flow oriented class with an emphasis on strength and alignment. She is committed to empowering her students through increased self-awareness, which she believes firmly will ultimately lead to self-love. A consistent practice with Natalie will provide you with a strong foundation in yoga principles, increased strength and flexibility, a quieter mind and a deeper appreciation for your Self and your life. Be prepared to laugh and sweat and come back for more! Natalie is also the founder of IMAGINE Fest, a community oriented yoga and live music festival which raises funds and awareness in support of Unlikely Heroes, a local gas efficient suv 2014 non-profit rescuing and rehabilitating child victims of sex trafficking.

Zach’s classes are geared for any student desiring a deep level of physical and mental well-being, while promoting strength, flexibility and relaxation. He creates a safe and inviting environment where the beginning student will feel free to discover their ability, and the advanced yoga practitioner or serious athlete can realize their full potential.

A serious skateboarder since the age of eleven, Zach began his yoga practice in order to improve his physical balance and mental focus. He soon found that yoga had not only transformed his body, but his mind and spirit as well. He began his teacher training at the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute gas oil ratio 50 to 1, living and studying at the ashram. Later, he studied under Swami Asokanda at the Quinta De Calma Yoga Center near Faro, Portugal, expanding his knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology.

Zach teaches a variety of Hatha levels and vinyasa flow, providing students with personal attention and encouragement. He can modify each asana to fit individual needs and skill levels, and also provides instruction in pranayama (breathing practices), deep relaxation and meditation. In each session industrial electricity prices by state, Zach attempts to promote the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of his students, allowing each of them to come in touch with deeper and more subtle aspects of their being.

The best way for me to describe how I feel when I practice yoga and meditation is to compare myself to a snow globe. My body may start out feeling vulnerable while moving, shaking, and bending in all different directions, but then my mind settles everything down into a clear, calm, and fully connected state of being. While I have spent 15 years privately coaching people on how to recover from injuries using the electricity flows through most progressive techniques in nutrition movement, it was not until I practiced yoga and meditation that my body truly felt free. At 41 yrs old I finally learned how to relax, exercise became more playful again, and I am now able to naturally tap into my pleasure frequency. It is really all about the breath. When you learn how to control your breathing, your relationship to your body and the world will change. You will start to listen to the RYTHM of your body. Now instead of beating it into submission to get in shape, you will know just how much it needs, and how hard and fast it wants to move. When you hear the now cliche term connect your MindBody, your breath is the one component that truly achieves that connection. I am honored to have the opportunity to teach something that has allowed me to embrace my vulnerability gas 85, reconnect to my creative side, and undoubtably changed the course of my life forever.

With an extensive training background in competitive gymnastics and professional dance, Nikki’s love of motion, curiosity about the human body, and desire to heal led her straight into the arms of yoga, where she first experienced real connection. Yoga, with its emphasis on breath and mindfulness, brought equilibrium across the entire spectrum of her life. Nikki is an E-RYT and currently holds 450 hours of yoga certification, including Power Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, and Yoga Sculpt formats. During class origin electricity account, she guides students though a physical practice that pushes beyond one’s body and drives into the deeper metaphysical properties we all possess. Typically inspired by what she is personally working through, you can expect genuine compassion, supportive cueing, and thoughtful sequencing in Nikki’s classes.

The strength cultivated in her classes helps one to grow his/her asana practice, but that same strength can be translated directly into all aspects of life. Nikki believes that yoga is much more than the shapes we create with our bodies. A genuine yoga practice is one that transcends the confines of a mat or studio. True yoga is found in how we see ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we view the world. It is a lifestyle and a lifelong electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics practice.

Emma Dewing is a former professional vaganova trained ballerina. After experiencing a career shattering injury that took her away from all she knew, she started teaching ballet. She’s been teaching children, teens and adults for 5 years now. On her journey to find herself she found Yoga. Yoga healed her body and mind in such a powerful, transformative way that she knew it was her purpose to share the gifts of healing it has to offer all of us. Emma has over 450 hours of yoga certifications in power yoga, hot power fusion, and yin yoga. Her classes give gas monkey cast you the tools to take your yoga off the mat by creating a safe, sacred space of healing that will bring you into a deeper state of personal awareness. She focuses on queuing mindfully and safely so you walk away feeling motivated, rejuvenated, as well as helping you find your inner and outer strength.

She has a huge heart for teaching children yoga. Yoga is what helps us remember our inner child and it gives us back the confidence to dream, wonder and explore again. Her hope is that by teaching the next generation this practice they will never have to forget. Emma teaches a fun, playful and inspiring class. You can expect your child to feel supported, encouraged and uplifted. Her goal is to help every student come tortugas ninjas to a place of knowing that they have everything they will ever need within themselves and that they can do anything.