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Cuddalore district is predominantly agricultural district with coastal line stretching from Puducherry Union Territory in the North to the mouth of river coleroon in the south. The Total geographical area of the district is 3678 with the coastal line of 68 kms, Total cultivated area is 3,13,223Ha. out gas pains 6 weeks pregnant of which about 1,85,925Ha are irrigated.

The Agriculture department policy and objectives have been framed to ensure stability in agricultural production and to increase the agricultural predicting in a sustainable gas x chewables reviews manner to meet the food requirement of growing population and also to meet the raw materials needed for agro based industries, thereby providing employment opportunities to the rural population. Rainfall :

The objective of the SSF is to multiply the breeder bp gas prices seeds and foundation seeds and distribute them for further mass multiplication of the seeds as certified seeds at farmers fields as a part of seed multiplication scheme. Paddy, Blackgram and Green Gram Seed production is carried out in both the SSF. Bio Fertilizer production Unit (BFPU), Cuddalore

Bio Fertilizers such as Azospyrillum (Paddy), Azospurillum electricity orlando (Others), Rhizobium (Pulses) Rhizobium (Groundnut) and Phosphobacteria are produced and distributed in liquid and carrier based formulations. The objective of the Bio-Fertilizer application is to reduce the Chemical Fertilizer application and improve the Soil Health electricity 1800s status by increasing the beneficial microbial load in the soil. Soil Testing Lab, (STL) – Cuddalore

Soil samples are taken from the farmers field and sent to the STL for analysis. Based on the gas 91 analytical report of the Soil testing Lab, Soil health cards are generated and distributed to the farmers. The objective is to educate the farmers to go for soil health card based chemical fertilizer application and also to control the indiscriminate use of Chemical Fertilizers that gas arkansas not only affect the Soil Health status and reduces the produce quality but also increases the cost of cultivation without any additional benefits. State Pesticide Testing Lab (PTL) cum Coding Centre – Cuddalore

In order to ensure the quality of pesticides being sold to the farmers and check the movement of misbranded pesticides in the district, pesticide samples are taken from both the dealers point and in the manufactures stock point and sent to the f gas regulations ireland PTL for analysis. Based on the analysis report steps are taken to check the movement of misbranded pesticides. Coconut Nursery – Neyveli

In order to protect the farmers from the natural calamities in Cuddalore District PMFBY crop insurance schemes is being implemented for Paddy-II and year 6 electricity unit Rabi season crops in 2016-17. Prior to this insurance scheme, National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS) was in operation. Under NAIS crop cutting Experiment (CCE) were conducted in Firka npower gas price per unit level in selected villages. The yield obtained in the CCE will be applicable for all the villages in that Firka. Whereas under PMFBY scheme CCE is conducted for each revenue village and the yield obtained in applicable for the particular village and insurance claims if any are made electricity freedom system accordingly to that village. In District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) under the Chairmanship of District Collector. For the year 2018-19 M/s. Chola MS General Insurance Company is the Crop Insurance Agency for Cuddalore District. Collective Farming :