Ah challenge – walmart in europe alternate history discussion e85 gas stations in san antonio tx


There are sleeper cells for terrorists in Europe right now, in every major city of the nations in the EU. Part of a radical youth group dedicated to vaguely communistic themes, all about 15-26 they’ve decided to try a revolution in marketing where they commit terrorist acts using things they’ve bought from Walmart. In London specifically there is a plan to take the wheel of the bus, the tall double decker bus the BBC Building electricity generation has a crush on, by wireless remote control. However when the groups computer expert tried to hack into the websites to do this, he hit a wall in that he couldn’t install the software to work properly and activate for the wireless remote so he would actually have to do it himself remotely instead of a few people in the field guiding over their cellphones.

Basically it involves this one dude trying to drive a bus, not the computer hacker, a teenager who is tall enough to pass for an older adult and with a fake ID taught himself how to drive a bus, steals electricity projects for grade 6 the bus while the real bus driver is inside a washroom having a good washing his hands after shaking the hands of some of the other bus drivers electricity water analogy after having a single shot.

So now a teenager driving the bus in this harmless prank that’s preplanned (don’t worry it won’t be long till the chaos arrives ) to be him calling on his cellphone to a certain area and putting it under the gas pedal where it can use a wireless signal on a secret chip the CSIS had the double agent in MI5 installed earlier. This chip controls three things:

Now, when the kid realizes that the bus mp electricity bill payment online indore he’s pretending to drive isn’t responding as usual because it’s being remote piloted by a guy in a safehouse using CCTV cameras instead of the cellphone route initially agreed on by the Revolutionary Committee to bring Unionized Retail Jobs to Youth in Europe NAU (obviously most of these kids are CSIS, MI5 and CIA trained and funded, cell phones, hacking, terrorism?) he doesn’t want to get off, he just wants to find a safe place to park it and call up the group using the phone. The phone is under the gas pedal and transmitting instructions to the steering wheel, and gets cut off when the REAL BUS DRIVER (gotta put electricity and circuits up with these freaks all day long) who has a UNIONIZED JOB ALREADY IN EUROPE hears the bus take off and runs outside, deciding without a Revolutionary Committee the best thing he can do to stop his bus is shoot out the tires to stop youth from hijacking the bus.

Anyways, first thing that goes wrong is the chip controlling the bus as well as the 3 party toys gets hit by a bullet the ricochets under the bus. That bullet takes out the two left tires. This adds to the problems, not solving anything. The microchip fucks up, now it’s not receiving instructions at all and half of it just blew away and the electrically charged lead restarted the gas vs electric oven for baking cakes system; or what was left of it. The Ejection chair goes off, from the uncovered top bus. On it are two teenage lovebirds, who joined the group to prove to each other they have similar politics. In fact they’ve recently got engaged, sitting together they hold hands on the bus; The ring on her finger tells us though, shes not been married long, in fact she still practices some Lipstick Lesbianism electricity generation capacity for her boyfriend benefit.

They BLASTOFF! However the odd clothing they’re wearing (fashionista her likes to look good, on a budget she goes to Walmart, instead of the thrift store) protects them from the high o gascon gee forces. It certainly keeps them from freezing while they get an amazing view of the top of certain London buildings as well as the Thames river. It’s terribly frightening at first but the quick-thinking guy in London (c’mon you know some bright lads in Europe) puts her hand to his lips kisses her and points out their house while the parachute lets them gently float towards the river gas hydrates wiki.

Back in the bus (more like back of the bus, the couple were a lovely pair of young Afro-British kids more than African-American) can see the bus as well, looking down they see it swerve to the left, giving the real bus driver time to shoot the rear right wheel. With three wheels losing air the bus driver on the wheel, bus driver in a game and traffic lights have no way to control the situation. The bus bounces over the barricade for the river and falls in; the chip recognizes this construction, for the most part, as time to make the boat inflate and pop the tiny round hole from the window next to the man with the peg leg. As the bus sinks, bobs a bit and electricity jokes floats on its side water gushes in through this little hole, causing the amputee to stick his prosthetic peg-leg into the hole, saving people locked in the bus from drowning.

As the ejected seat floats into the boat (despite the couples best wishes that it would stay aloft a bit more) and rests there people in the bus start climbing into the boat. Once everyone is off the bus is released from the boat and the people in the boat are told about the Walmart-sponsored stunt gas and bloating after miscarriage while the Bus Driver, the real one, swims over with his gun and it goes off as they pull hi out of the water.

Busting through the fabric of the boat this too starts sinking. The blind amputee, who didn’t know the whole plan had been derailed at all pees himself and eventually the whole matter is sorted by the police in order to cover up the Walmart involvement in it all. Banning the game from ever being played in London ever again it seems fitting to say the reason Walmart now controls Europe using gas exchange in the lungs occurs in the its voting bloc of Retail Workers is because of the