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God has been so good to us to be in Ghana. Ghana is beautiful with beaches, mountains, green forest, warm weather all year round and amazing food. It has been wonderful, rough, tough and glorious so far. Katie and the kids love Ghana. I returned to my home country after 5 years and I must say it is glorious and very tough. Ghana in the reality meaning when everything is in your face is third world but using GDP and other factors show 2nd world on paper. Coming back home, I see there is alot of natural resources, goodness but very little opportunity. Street hawking is out of control, pedestrian pavement have also been taken by hawkers, the currency (Ghana cedi) value has reduced greatly compared to USD and other currencies, very high importation, very little factories and there is high inflation.The population of Ghana is probably around 25 million. Accra is choked with people and buildings. The food is amazing though! Fresh, natural, organic and potent in nutrients that make our bodies feel wonderful. We got mangoes, citrus (oranges, tangerines, lemon, lime), dandelions, noni, oregano, moringa, sugarcanes, fanti-pineapple, oil palm, kontomire (unique spinach), lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger, shallots, coconut, bananas, plantains, yams, cocoyams, potatoes, cassava, rice, tiger nut, groundn

Month of April: I was happy to return to Ghana after 5 years. Katie and the children can meet my part of the family. Very excited to be in Ghana and see family. Our first month was spent in Accra (Nation’s Capital). The reasons for coming to Ghana:

The first month was very tough because the house did not have running water and the electricity went out every other day literally and still is. The house is not completed though. Only 2 rooms are almost done. The town (Ablekuma- New Town) we live in has open sewage everywhere. We did not have a place to poop. There were mice everywhere. My Dad could not talk, not eat by himself and not engage in a conversation. He just lay there. I wept when I saw my dad. He didn’t make out his son had arrived. Then, I realized woow, I have alot to do. The weather is hot and breezy at Ablekuma New-Town, Accra. We had been in the cold for a while so we loved the weather here and also the fact that we could get out everyday. It will get very humid on a sunny day which caused us to sweat like crazy. It was very hot for Katie and the boys especially. Katie was welcomed with her worse ever sun burn (cultural shock). I will never forget.

Katie bought superfoods (powdery form) to make smoothies for my Dad and of-course everybody present. We al so prayed with my Dad and read him Proverbs and Psalms. Everyday Katie and I will take turns in making smoothies. The smoothie will be different blends of fresh mango, fresh pawpaw (papaya), superfood smoothie mix, chia seed, cold pressed cod liver oil, bee pollen, dandelion leaf, cold pressed hemp oil, cold pressed flax seed oil, fresh coconut, bananas, pineapple, oranges and so on. Our results were phenomenal after 2 weeks. My Dad came began to talk, engage in conversation and eat by himself. He gained alot of strength in his body.

Katie got very sick. It looked like severe cholera. She was vomiting the whole time as well as diarrhea and bad stomach cramps. We began to pray. I got her fresh coconut. She drank the coconut water and ate a little coconut food. It made her belly better but still struggling. All of a sudden the Glory of God showed up and took away completely the sickness. The best relief for me. It is very tough for my wife to get sick and 2 babies crying all day. I was toasted!

Our boys skins’ caught some sanitary rash, heat rash, bumps and strange rash. They were very itchy and irritating. The hot weather made it very itchy. Jesus took care of it. We also applied raw Shea Butter which soothed it. Some of the rash lasted for a month, very horrible.

April – July is rainy season in Ghana. We relied on rain water for bathing and doing dishes and some cooking. We bought natural mineral water daily, to drink mainly and some cooking here and there. We also enjoyed our organic tea with honey.