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1988: Super Tuesday works the way it was intended(maybe Jesse Jackson dies in a car crash, or Gore also appeals to Northerners better as well and does respectably in Iowa and New Hampshire)with Gore sweeping the Soith and then winning the nomination over Dukakis. Al Gore picks John Glenn as his running mate and runs on a ‘New Democrat’ platform, opposing gun control, vowing ‘no new taxes’ and supporting electricity in costa rica school prayer. Bush in turn attacks Gore as a ‘lightweight’ and benefits when Gore sighs in the debate and comes off as arrogant and obnoxious. By Election Day the polls are neck and neck. Gore beats Bush 50-48 but is only confirmed to be the winner after a divisive month-long recount in Ohio.

1992:H W Bush surprises them all by declining to run for a second term, as Dubya said in his book 41 that this was considered for a short time after Neil Bush’s scandal. Dole easily wins the primary and picks Colin Powell as his running mate. Dole/Powell initially struggles amid the gas turbine recession, but is able to win a comfortable victory after demolishing Democrat nominee Mario Cuomo as a ‘bleeding-heart liberal who holds Middle America in contempt’, to quote Dole’s convention speech.

1996: In October 1995, after heightening media speculation, General Colin Powell announces he is running for President. Powell quickly upsets the front runner Dole, but before the Iowa caucuses comes under attack by Dole and Buchanan for being pro-choice. The Iowa caucuses narrowly go for Dole, but Powell wins a landslide in New Hampshire. Buchanan soon drops out and Powell then defeats Dole. Powell picks Dole as his running mate and wins a comfortable victory against Bill Clinton. Clinton, while popular, struggled against the successful combination of the universally-popular Powell, who got a quarter of the black vote based on himself being black, and the attack-dog Dole.

2000: Bill Bradley wins the New Hampshire primary and gains a burst of momentum against Al Gore e85 gas stations colorado. The media finally pays attention to the Democrat race, and Gore’s campaign panics with high-profile resignations, while Gore performs poorly on the campaign trail. The result is that Gore, the inevitable candidate, doesn’t even get the nomination of his party. They said Bradley’s liberal platform would not find acceptance, but they didn’t count on Donald Trump’s surprisingly successful bid for Reform getting 6% of the vote, with 4.5% of those coming from Bush. Bradley won a narrow victory in Ohio and the election.

McCain gives a stirring speech two days before the South Carolina primary, lambasting Bush’s ‘gutter politics’. The result is an upset victory, where he wins Sc and then the nomination. From there his 4-point election is relatively easy. Campaign finance reform and true leadership comes to Washington, which proves useful when 9/11 hits. Hey, Bush did lose the popular vote and only won a shady recount!

2004:John Edwards wins the Iowa caucuses gas variables pogil. Kerry wins in New Hampshire. On Super Tuesday, the Democrats declare that Iowa doesn’t just pick corn and picks Edwards as their nominee. Edwards comes under attack by Bush as a lightweight, unable to handle the terrorist threat and an ambulance lawyer. Edwards fires back attacking Bush’s record, promising new kansas gas service login leadership. A compelling debate performance tips the balance in favour of Edwards, though not after another recount, this time in Ohio. That new leadership does not turn out well, to say the least.

1944: MacArthur makes a Shermanesque statement vowing not to run in 1944, so he does not sweep the Wisconsin primary. Instead, Wendell Willkie gets 28% of the vote and then wins primaries in Maryland, New Jersey and Oregon. Willkie becomes the Republican nominee and runs on a platform of ‘winning the peace’, challenging FDR’s ability to move America beyond the war. FDR still seems to be the likely winner, until he bungles gas bloating pain two speeches, including the infamous Fala speech, a rambling speech where FDR says he is offended by attacks on his dog. Willkie pulls out a narrow victory.

1948: Harold Stassen runs a better campaign, besting Dewey in Oregon because Dewey does not use the line you can’t shoot an idea with a gun. Stassen is the Republican nominee, and after a good campaign scores a surprisinbgly narrow victory over President Truman. Most observers belive fears of communism gave Stassen the victory, especially after he portrayed Truman as Stalin’s choice for President, who bends the knee to the Reds.