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Amazing Tropical Paradise close to restaurant’s, clubs, shopping, activities and beach’s. The backyard of this home is difficult to describe without photographs; truly a very unique PRIVATE OASIS which you have to see to believe. The Home, Pool, Tiki Hut, and Jacuzzi all have great water front and canal views. A variety of Mature Tropical palms adorn the property including Royal, Date palms, Bush tail Banana and Cabbage Palms. You have your own 16 x 24 Tiki Hut in your back yard, Boat dockage for small motor craft or sail boats is also available. The backyard also has a private partitioned outdoor shower. The home has recently been updated with a modern kitchen, paint, led lighting and furnishings. This is a roomy 4 bedroom ranch home with two (2) baths, one with a shower, and one with a tub/shower combination a laundry room and dining room. Three of the bedrooms have walk in closets and 2 also have ceiling fans. All of the bedrooms have Flat screen TV’s and of course wireless internet /WIFI throughout.

Disney, SeaWorld and Universal are only 2 1/2 hours away. 10 Minutes to miniature golf, 10 minutes to regular golf, 1 minute to great fishing. Fisherman’s Wharf, a complex of shopping and restaurants on the water overlooks the Charlotte Harbor is just a short drive. From your backyard you can occasionally see Manatees, Dolphins and even a giant ray as well as fish jumping with joy. You can also take a day cruise to Key West from Fort Myers or Captiva or Sanibel Island. Boca Grande Beach or Manasota Key beaches are just a short drive away where shelling and sharks teeth abound for the taking

For Grocery shopping, Publix is only (10 min) 3.6 mi and Walmart (10 min) 4.7 mi. Downtown Punta Gorda is minutes away. Tennis at the YMCA is (9 min) 4.8 mi . You can join for the month or pay a daily rate. There are 26 golf courses in the vicinity, the closest being no more than 10 minutes away and the furthest no more than 30 minutes away. View more

I’m going to try to put this as kindly as I possibly can . The property has an extremely beautiful pool area as well as tiki bar but that is the end of anything positive I could say about this place. I was injured on this property due to being mildly electrocuted and when I brought this to the owners attention I was immediately asked to leave and he put my children and myself out on the street with no place to stay . I took various photos of the electrical system in this house and there is no way that this can be up to code. There were even broken pesticide botlles opened on the pool area which we got all over our feet. The caretaker for the property was in the hospital and there was no back up of any kind . I went so far as to ask Brian for a hammer so I could do a few repairs myself and his answer was to ask me and my kids to leave. To make matters worse the owner has now refused to refund my money even though I purchased the home away and Insurance but I am quite certain that home away is going to rectify that . I was injured so severe that I had to go to the emergency room for another safety isse there and spent six hours in a hospital bed due to catching a sandal on a raise nail on the deck and falling onto the cement . I have no idea how much damage the electrocution may have had on me . The entire power panel appeared to have no breakers at all and just wire tied wires together . Extension cords are runningbunderneath the ground that are not the proper type of cord to be underneath the ground . I just want to caution anyone that may fall for these photos that when you get to the house it looks nothing like these photos . Many closets and cupboards are broken and The homeowner will drop a lease on you that is not what you think it will be at the last minute so you forced to sign . The lease agreement make shoe liable for pretty much anything in the house and unfortunately if you wanted to based upon this lease agreement he could hold you responsible for items that are already broken and and fixed in the home . That is another item that home away has been gracious enough to cover for me and make sure he does not charge me for broken closet doors that were already broken . Homeaway Safety and Security team has been great and I feel confident that this will be resolved.

David called me at 11:00 at night and it seemed he was very out of sorts. He was screaming and wanted immediate access to my owners closet for a hammer. I explained that it contained personnel belongings & refused to provide access. He became furious. He claimed a nail was up on the deck that he tripped upon, which need to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. I asked him how, and why now?

Could maintenance look at it in the am? He yelled NO! He now claimed the house was a mess & unsafe for him and his children and that the interior and exterior electrical system were faulty & the house dirty. He never mentioned harm. He said the house was fine & liked it the day before?

He was hard to understand and not making sense. I think the cord he is referring to in the yard is for12Vdc low voltage lighting the supply is on an approved GFCI. This lighting is low voltage approved for outdoor burial & sold at Home Depot. David is a truck driver not an electrician. My house keeper found an excessive amount of liquor & beer bottles in the trash. She took pictures. Her exact comment was an "awful lot of drinking for a single adult". The wire box I believe he is referring to is a junction box he unscrewed and opened who knows why? The home has a circuit breaker panel which passed a County electrical Inspecting on 8/22/16.The deck was not a nail at all, looks like a chunk of wood on a step was kicked off, it appeared to be a stumble on a missed step.

David said he was up all night the past 2 nights cleaning. When looking back at his original correspondence when reserving the house he stated:" he and his children were OCD and the house would be cleaner when he left then when he arrived". I did not see the RED flag. Tammy, our house keeper said the place was tore apart, drawers, cabinets, & ALL the cleaning products used. Even though records show 3 March cleanings.. I told David if he was not happy to leave, opened a case & utilized VRBO for all communication they were great to work with. I refunded the full balance of his stay & full security deposit the same day. He states in his review that he is worried about not getting the refund or deposit he had a week before writing a review? I did not feel safe with him in the house. He said he could stay with Dad a mile away. We have never in our multiple vacation rental homes & several years renting ever seen anything like this.