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Aidan Redmond may not be a household name, but the steadily working actor boasts an impressive list of credits. Since graduating from the Samuel Beckett Centre at Trinity College Dublin, the Irishman has been performing in both his native land and the United States. electricity dance moms In 2014, he made his Broadway debut in Martin McDonagh‘s The Cripple of Inishman with Daniel Ratcliffe.

AR: As Friel has written them–in the first play, Lovers: Winners, the two narrators are known as man and woman. Conor has replaced these characters with Dmitry and Anna from the second play, The Yalta Game. So, the book you see Anna throwing down at the end of Act I is the same book you see Dmitry pick up at the top of the act. Essentially, we’re reading from the same book. When Anna steps out of the chair and throws the book down at the end of Act I it is repeated at the end of Act II when we see Dmitry re-appear and they kiss. There’s a lot of things going on to keep me engaged but it ain’t easy! Phil Gillen and Aidan Redmond in LOVERS: WINNERS. Photo: Jeremy Daniel

AR: Both plays deal with our perception of our lives and what we do within them. electricity and magnetism review game Then there is a contrast of life’s perception of us. In the first play, the narrators speak for society and in the second, the audience is judge and jury. They get to hear our explanations of why we’ve made the choices we have. gas city indiana I’m finding that the more we perform it, the more apparent those complexities become.

AR: Yes. It certainly informed the characters. It’s important to know who these characters are within the context of their time. The designers have attempted to convey a timeless quality to our production of The Yalta Game. We don’t specifically refer to the 1870s but you have to pay attention to the script and source material. electricity inside human body The Russian aristocracy frequented Yalta until Lenin came along and declared that the proletariat should have the same access.

AR: He does. He finds the humanity. I think that is why he’s compared to Chekhov. He has an innate understanding of people and why they are the way they are. electricity videos for 4th grade He examines the condition of being human. gas laws worksheet pdf It’s good stuff-and it’s funny stuff. Maybe it’s a defense or coping mechanism to power through life, but as Irish people, we’ve developed a great sense of humor. He taps that in the rhythm of the language. Sometimes I think Irish audiences can tap into it immediately, but for American audiences, it can take the ear a little while to adjust. Aidan Redmond and Jenny Leona in THE YALTA GAME. Photo: Jeremy Daniel

AR: Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of great stories that examine love. One thing I love about theater is that it allows you to play a variety of roles. gas tax oregon You can have a good exploration into the world of a character. Acting is a great teacher of life. It makes you more empathetic, patient, less judgmental, and all those things that we should strive for. There is so much to be learned about the resilience of the human condition. Life improves upon love. gas jet compressor There is a sense of hope in both of these works that suggest that no matter what life throws at us, we have to seize the moment.