Aili and aimi gas x side effects


One day my Dad, my brother, and me went outside, then my Dad got an idea. The idea was to plant the plant that my Mom bought from Costco. We went to dig the hole, then we put the plant in the hole, then we watered the plant, then we covered the plant with dirt. We also took some pictures, then I asked if I could go home. electricity prices by country When I got home, I looked out the window and called Daddy’s name. After that, Daddy came home, so did my brother. After my brother abd my Dad came home, my Dad asked if we are hungry. But we said no. Also Dad made a bread that was shaped like a circle and also we ate it then when it was done. My brother asked if our Dad could bake another one of those bread things and our Dad said yes. So he baked another one and Aili kept on asking if the bread was ready. Then when the bread was ready, he came and ate it.

One day me and my Dad and my sister digged a fat and big hole. We put a plant inside the big and fat hole we digged. gas arkansas Then we watered the plant and put the soil under the plant and went back home. At our home we watched our Dad finish the job and I got a glass of water. I then went to bad to wake up my lazy, sleepy, boring mother. But nothing worked, not even a shout or a yell. electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf I decided to quit waking her up. So I just went to eat 3 big pieces of a round, circled piece of food. I then looked at my sister’s chubby cheaks and pounced at her and knocked her to the sofa. I then tried it again and agian. But it did not work at all. I then became hungry again and then I ate Honey Roasted Nuts. I wanted to watch American’s Got Talent because it was a very fun, awesome show to watch. I do not like to write but my Dad, mean, not nice, rude, selfish Dad makes me to do. So I now am sitting in a sofa writing the story and of

course I am very annoyed, and crossed. I am very ashamed of my Dad for making me to do to him. 3 main gas laws I am now stupidly sitting in this sofa. I think that he should have been someone else’s father and that this was a very very very very very fake Dad that I am living with at the pople age. I am sorta okay but I am ashamed of my Dad making me to do what he wants me to do.

At ATDP I learned how to make polygon designs and did building challenges. gas and water We used shapes to make different shapes of cars, animals, houses, snails, and stuff. We also di mystery bottles where you guess how many marbles are in the bottles. We also need to solve mysteries about strange things going on. Most of all I liked stories and playing outside. In Math Comes Alive I met new friends and went to different tables and got cash every morning. But in the afternoon we have to give six dollers back for rent. During ATDP I learned lots of things and was nervous but got used to it and had a lot of fun.

At recess I met students from different class. electricity lesson plans 4th grade And learning from Mr. B. was fun and was able to learn different things and how to use things better by thinking in your brain and taught us that math was important and that math was interesting and that it was like using number in different ways. I was able to learn different things and learned lots and lots of things. I took a picture in Math Comes Alive. I learned how to do art and we made reflectional creatures.

did a skit called Who Am I? And I also met new friends. For the singing I hid in the back. Everybody got a frame at the end of ATDP. We learned about a lot of things at Seashore Science. The picture was all of us wearing crab T-shirt. electricity font generator They also sold popsicles in the playground. There were grape, oranges, pineapples, and strawberries. And the last kind is chocolate. I never got a popsicle because I never used my money to buy one. And when it was open house Aili bought me a rainbow colored crayon. When we came home, I put my crayon in my treasure box.