Air filter wix 46048 ebay gaz 67 sprzedam

We will gladly refund or replace any defective item returned within the stated warranty period. We will also accept returns of most new products ordered (except as noted below) as long as they have not been installed or disassembled and are returned in the original packaging in new and saleable condition. Requests for return of new parts must be submitted within 14 days of the purchase date. All new parts returned will be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. Non-Returnable Parts Certain types of parts are not returnable, such as Electronic Control Modules, Push Button Units, Relays, Mass Air Flow Sensors, etc. These type parts can be irreparably damaged if installed before the vehicle’s underlying problem is properly diagnosed. Please take extra care when purchasing Electronic parts to assure that you are ordering the correct part for your repair. If you aren’t sure about the vehicle application or have questions about a specific replacement part, please contact us and we will help to make sure you’re getting the part you need. A/C Compressors: Replacement A/C Compressors are subject to failure if the system is not evacuated and flushed and new Accumulator Drier, Orifice Tube, and Seals installed. In order for us to warranty a Compressor purchased from us, we must receive proof that these other components were replaced and the system was properly flushed. We do offer everything you need to do a complete A/C job, but if you choose to purchase those items from another source we would simply need a copy of your invoice for the parts in order to warranty the Compressor. Once we have received your return we will conduct a full inspection of the part to verify that it meets the above guidelines. After we’ve completed our inspection, a prompt refund will be issued including any applicable sales tax. The cost of shipping will be credited only in those instances that the return is a result of our error. C.O.D. shipments for returns will not be accepted.

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