Air-t-rex universal merv 11 gas up the jet


The Air-T-Rex™ Universal is a Merv 11 filter. This means it will catch 95% of particles as small as 3-micron plus 75% of one-micron particles. z gas el salvador empleos This is considered hospital laboratory-grade filtration. To achieve this superior level of filtration, the Air-T-Rex™ works differently than common pleated filters. Thanks to its ‘Depth-Loading’ technology, the Air-T-Rex outperforms traditional pleated filters It also offers a longer service life.

The purpose of any air filter is to let the maximum quantity of air pass through the filter while holding back the most-significant amount of micro-particles. Until now, to be effective, a standard air filter had to be tightly weaved. But, tightly weaved filters easily clog at the surface as you can see in the video below. In the end, a clogged filter doesn’t work and dust starts to build-up again in your house…

Instead of reducing the space between the filter fibres, the Air-T-Rex ™ filter uses different medias arranged from coarse to fine to allow the filter to capture the largest particles on the upstream side and finer particles as the air moves through the filter media. In addition it is coated with a unique polymeric adhesive. When a micro-particle touches a fibre, it sticks. This way, air passes easily even if the filter is saturated with dust.

Bypass unfiltered air resolved: This is a huge undetected and costly problem in most HVAC systems. physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet Cardboard-framed filters do not seal at the perimeter thus allowing unfiltered air through. The Air-T-Rex is self-sealing. For a perfect seal around the perimeter, the filtering material has a flexible fringe of about one inch that exceeds the galvanized steel frame.

Cardboard-framed filters are vulnerable to the effects of moisture. Moisture can cause premature filter failure when the frame becomes wet and buckles under the pressure of the system (as pictured at right). If the filter remains wet and conditions are correct, mold and other microbials can easily grow. electricity usage calculator Since the Air-T-Rex™ uses no cardboard but relies on an internal wire ring for support and a proven antibacterial treatment, this creates a filter that is resistant to moisture/mold.

Active carbon has no taste, no odour, and no undesirable side effects. The spongy capacities of active carbon are used in a variety of applications. In addition to odour control, active carbon is used to filter water, white wines, and decaffeinated coffee. It is used to stock hydrogen and in the health care field it is used internally in cases of food intoxication. Why it is important to change your air filters regularly?

This is particularly important if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. gas out game directions If you have pets, pet dander will accumulate in the system and then spread allergens throughout the household. a gas has no volume It’s an easy fix to replace your filter regularly. Bonus: You won’t have to spend as much time dusting! Why is the Air-T-Rex™ Universal filter your overall best choice?

Energy Star ® suggests changing your furnace air filter every month, especially during the winter and summer months, when your unit gets the most use. Thanks to the Air-T-Rex™ Universal depth loading feature you will probably be able to let three months go by without swapping your dirty filter out for a new one. SInce the cost of the Air-T-Rex™ Universal is about half of other brand name filters you win all the way! Try it. You will love it! Air-T-Rex™ Universal Technical Charts