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Philippine Airlines (PAL) has appointed Bird Travels, the Airline Management Services arm of Bird Group as its local representative in India. The association marks the airline’s latest step in developing its sales distribution network within the Indian market. The appointment of Bird Travels is part of the intensive preparations undertaken by Philippine Airlines to realize its firm plans to commence operations to India by Winter 2018.

“India’s tourism industry is expanding rapidly and already we’re seeing a steady flow of leisure and business travellers flying between India and Philippines. Bird Group is a veteran in air travel management and we are challenging them to capitalize on their strength and capabilities to help successfully launch our upcoming flights to New Delhi and Mumbai and help us strengthen our presence in India and enhance the quality of our services for the Indian market,” said Ryan Uy, Vice President for Sales of Philippine Airlines.

“We are delighted to be associated with Philippine Airlines and look forward to building a strong partnership. Armed with our extensive local knowledge and experienced team, Bird Travels is well-equipped and committed to promote the airline’s presence in the country." said Vijay Bhatia, President, Bird Group.

Here’s some photos I took a few days ago from during my flight from MNL to CEB on PR1845. Also took a few photos of MCIA Terminal 2’s exterior. This was a pretty memorable flight cause it was also my first flight EVER to experience a lightning strike, I knew it would happen one day and it finally did. Saw the lightning flash from my window and heard a huge bang sound but the flight proceeded without incident to Cebu. But it did rattle some people

I was on RP-C8789 originally delivered on November 2, 2014, this is one of PAL’s newly reconfigured tri-class Airbus A330-300s that feature 18 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy and 267 Economy seats all featuring IFE in all seats in all classes.

Premium economy seats features this big 13.3" touch screen filled with PAL’s eSuite entertainment. These are bigger than economy’s 10.1" IFE screen. You could use your own headphones and charge your smartphone in the USB port below the screen. They also have a "coat hook" which is rarely ever used.

PAL’s new tri-class planes as well as their upcoming A350 all feature the all aisle access Thompson Vantage XL seats. These seats are extremely comfortable. They are lie flat seats with a legroom of 44 inches, width of 23-24 inches and a full-flat recline with a bed length of 78 inches.

The seats have a privacy divider/personal space that features a plug, seat control, a retractable remote with controls for the lights, FA call button as well as IFE control, for domestic flights, they don’t give away headsets though so make sure to bring your own.

The seats feature a pretty big 18.5" IFE touch screen, way bigger than the ones in the 777 as well as the A340. You could use the retractable remote to control the screen as well. They actually had Black Panther so I’d say they have a pretty updated entertainment selection.

The seat controls have touch functions to go to lounging, bed, and upright seat modes, seat firmness, mood lights, and massage while actual buttons control seat adjustments. They also have a little adjustable light just incase you wanted to read while lying down. The seats also featured "mood lights" which is a subtle light in the divider which could function as a night light.