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Hondo – No problem of using 1/2 all the way to the diffuser. I run one of my diffusers w/ a 5/8 dia garden hose which you may gas 10 ethanol already have an old one you can use or the neighbor is discarding. My other diffusers use heavy duty preweighted airline. I assumed you already had a system w/ an airline already in the pond. Many weight the airline to the bottom. If you use 1/2 blk poly it will take 0.5 lb /ft to hold it on the bottom electricity deregulation in california. a brick every 8-10 ft is commonly used but I find this is the most troublesome later on. Common problem, be very caucious of kinking the electricity word search pdf airline. Kinked airline will cause nothing but headaches.

Alternative to compressor in the house – consider getting yourself a doghouse or large Rubbermaid tub w/ lid or something large to house the pump in. Put some foundation vents in the side and largish holes in the bottom with window screen over holes to keep bugs, wasps, etc out. Set it up on bricks or blocks so it gets bottom airfow electricity jokes puns and heated air rises out the vents.

Compressors in the basement have to be guarded against condensate water draining back into the pump if it is shut off m gasol. I often use a water trap to collect drain concensate water in basement units. Depending on the goals of the aeration, often they do not need to be run all the time. Compressors have bearing lives (in hrs electricity lessons ks1) and in a small pond like YOURS constant circulation is not necessary. Extend the life of the compressor 3X-5X with less run time. Why are you aerating? Ducks, fish? oxygen?

QA check valve is important if: 1. You run the system intermittently or if your compressor develops only low pressure and airflow blockage will damage the unit. To prevent damage to the compressor I encourage use of an adjustable pressure relief gas 1940 hopper valve ($20). Bob K’s idea works for pressure relief; don’t clamp hose or not too tight to barb fitting . It is better if you have a cheap low pressure guage (30psi $10-$12)to monitor the sys. and also trouble shoot any problems electricity 101 pdf. However cheap guages are sometimes a problem w/ pulsing compressors.

Hondo – YES you will need a check valve on the end of the hose – good thinking. I took it for granted and assumed; both bad ideas. Don’t get electricity and circuits test a check valve with a real stiff spring, better w/ low tension spring or no spring. Water draining back up the air pipe to the water line then freezing is ONE VERY GOOD REASON NOT TO: RUN gas exchange in the lungs OR AT LEAST SHUT OFF YOUR COMPRESSOR DURING WINTER. A frozen ice plug in the air pipe causes big time problems that usu damage pumps. They are not designed to with hold k electric bill statement their air. That is why I recommend a pressure relief valve that will allow the air to escape and not harm the pump if any type air block gas bubble disease happens.

Easy way to install your ‘bubbler’. Strech the airline out full length along the pond. Tie a heavy non-rot cord (sm rope) to the weight/end. Walk around to the other side w/ the end of the rope and drag it in. You may have to add a temporary extension on the rope to get around the pond. Leave rope atached all winter; use it to pull gas bloating back pain it out in spring or as needed. Simple, very easy no monkeying around in a boat pulling weighted airline. No float needed; know where bubbler is by leaving it ‘on’ during installation.