Ajit vadakayil albert einstein was a thief , a plagiarist and a dimwit- capt ajit vadakayil gas in back relief


My take on this – In ancient times Gujarat region was considered south India , I think after namboodiris came escorted by lord parashurama. A group of Danavas separated as they were pro Danava and respected Shukracharya so I am thinking that they moved to farthest end of dravida to Gujarat / saurashtra and created zorastrianism where Danavas are heroes while devas are villains. gas x user reviews Lord parashurama claimed till Maharashtra so Persians/ parsis moved to unclaimed dravida desha. Original Persians looked like the modern Kerman Iran people – even to this day they follow zorastrianism in a much forcibly islamized Iran. you can look in google images to see how they look like, they look tanned like indians. These people moved to Iran, Gujarat is right next to Pakistan and Iran on map.Sir am I right ?, I joined pieces of things mentioned by you before. I think Gujarat farthest part of dravida was where people of new religions moved to – original zorastrians, Jains (Jainism originated in south India) – coz Jains are found mostly in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

White race is just albino indian race (thiyyas) as mentioned by sir, Kalash tribe, Nuristani, yazidis, Kurds are pagans or love paganism though forced into Islam (Ridiculosly high taxes are imposed on people following other religions apart from Islam – when Arabs conquered middle east) They often address Indians brothers, I saw YouTube comments of many Kurds calling Indians brothers. They must be knowing of their origin unlike certain groups that forgot. electricity vocabulary India is every one’s mother, Indians are everyone’s brothers. Delete

Captain !!! In the SAME visit, J@ck-D0rsey has visited R@hul-G@ndhi and even D@lai-L@ma !!! See how Respectfully he is sitting with D@lai-L@ma !!! This shows their true colors !!! More respect for a Hobo-refugee-"m0nk" than for the PM of the 7th-largest-nation-&-Top-5-Economic-power-&-7th-largest-twitter-userbase ????? What is all this ???

Also, there was this Chattisgarh-IAS-Off!cer who wore sunglasses & just shirt-pant (not proper-formals or even suit) when greeting M0di. Excuse given by him, IAS-Association and even Media (in support of him) was that he was on duty in a Hot, Sunny region and since there is no official-dress-code, it is no problem to wear sunglasses & such clothes. R@man-S!ngh G0vt pulled him up for this though. —— https://tinyurl.com/y9wcw6lb

Well, in my life I have NEVER seen such behaviour by ANY G0vt person who works in GCC. The GCC is much much more hotter & sunny than Chattisgarh, but no official will EVER dare to wear sunglasses in a formal event when they are expecting a royal-family-member or minister, let alone the King himself !!! Nobody tolerates this nonsense behaviour !!! Would this fellow behave the same if it was S0n!a-Gand! visiting ??? Is the PM-M0di some clerk visiting this fellows region ???? If his eyes and body are so damn sensitive, let him sit at home with AC on full-power……if he can’t handle the heat, how can he handle anything else that comes with part of being IAS ????

Pol!t!cians look for any excuse to transfer a good IAS fellow. If this young man was/is a good guy, he should have known that this incident can be used against him. One IAS officer (Rohini Sindhuri) said this when fighting against her transfer orders —— "When they (pol!t!cians) can’t find anything, they’ll say ‘Gaurava Kotilla’ [did not get respect]. What does it even mean?…We are here to solve people’s issues." —— https://tinyurl.com/y7rxgz3k Reply Delete

The seeking of truth brought me to this blog 4 years ago. hair electricity song One of the first posts I read was about Nakshatras and Karwa chauth. I knew I had hit the mother lode of information. I’m glad to be alive in this glorious time where you giving a collective kick in the nuts to all liars. gas definition chemistry I can proudly say that at least 5 strong willed influential people around me get updates from me about the contents of this blog and a change of mindset is silently happening.

I have a news to share. On the day (oct 5) you gave your 9th Deeksha (selective), I found the ideal bharatiya pativrata naari who’d be my wife on 28th Dec 2018. You would be proud to know that she has all the values and qualities that you describe for ideal women in your blog. I am blessed. I had been looking for an eligible GSB Konkani girl of that description for a long time, without success. I didn’t want to settle for anybody less. electricity gif The way I found her out of the blue, and the way we connected is indeed an indicator of a higher power. To this wonderful person I seek to be a noble husband and an ideal householder as described by you in your blog.

Been in command of chemical tankers (mainly) for more than 6640 days — spread over 30 years ( a world record! ) . My Chemical posts are free for ALL sailors on this planet . Any profit making person or institution publishing extracts, must clearly write " reproduced from ajitvadakayil.blogspot.com " , – it pays to remember, that the chemical contents are patented . This blogsite will transform your mind . gsa 2016 You yourself, are the teacher, the pupil, the messiah, the seeker, the traveller and the destination . It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to this profoundly sick society . I am from INDIA, the mother of all civilizations . I will be re-writing world history , and this will surely not gratify the evil hijackers of human history . Awaken your inner voice . Experience the joy of your own being . Your own conscience is the best interpreter . In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act . The naked truth can never be hate speech or defamation. This blogsite does not sacrifice truth on the altar of political correctness . electricity production in usa You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free . . STRENGTH AND HONOR – ALWAYS !. View my complete profile