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Amid more flush times, former Anchorage Rep. gas laws worksheet answers and work Mike Hawker had wiggled his way through the state procurement code to classify the new lease as a renewal not subject to competitive pricing rules and the Legislature had agreed to put $7.5 million toward the cost of the $44.5 million project that essentially rebuilt the structure at 716 West Fourth Ave.

In March 2016 a Superior Court judge ruled the lease invalid, leaving legislators stuck with the choice to simply abscond and leave its owners holding the bag with a $28 million loan and $9 million of their own cash tied up in a custom-made project with no tenant, or to negotiate a purchase of the building outright that would relieve them of the embarrassingly expensive annual rent.

A $32.5 million price was agreed to by the Legislative Council in a 13-1 vote a month later, but Gov. Bill Walker stuck his nose into the matter and declared he’d veto the purchase based on the state’s ongoing budget woes without regard to the fact that he would be essentially evicting one branch of government from its Anchorage offices with the demand it relocate into the executive branch home in the Atwood Building.

But by then we already knew Walker was unconcerned with making moves that hurt the state’s credibility with the business community after vetoing $200 million in tax credit payments approved by the Legislature in 2015 and proposing oil tax increases despite his campaign promise to respect the vote of the people in 2014 to keep the current structure known as SB 21.

Around this time an enterprising real estate agent got it into the news that Wells Fargo was looking to sell its building on Benson Avenue in Midtown. That led legislators — many of whom had decried Walker’s veto of the tax credit payments — to jump on the $11.85 million purchase and screw over the owners of the Downtown office who were then forced into foreclosure by their lender EverBank of Jacksonville, Fla.

A more flippant summation of this fiasco is hard to fathom after such an inane amenity — a common household item for those of even modest means — became the focus of this situation rather than the devastating consequences on private business owners who were forced to shoulder the entirety of the Legislature’s mistakes and Walker’s meddling.

We were lucky. k gas station jobs The earthquake, epicentered directly across Cook Inlet from downtown Anchorage, struck closer than any quake of similar magnitude since the city was established. Hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors were frightened but for the most part unharmed. There was extensive property damage, but nothing like the carnage of 1964, when Fourth Avenue swallowed cars and buildings as the ground below the city liquefied.

In the days, weeks and months to come, life in Southcentral Alaska will return to normal, as we pick up what’s broken and fix pieces of infrastructure compromised by the earthquake. gas utility cost Some of that cleanup will be done by the city and state, but much will be done in our homes, as we sweep up broken glass, repair cracked drywall and attempt to locate pets that ran away during the quake. Your neighbors may well need your help; if you’re in a position to offer it, please do so. Be thorough and take care as you pick up what’s broken — most injuries resulting from earthquakes take place after the fact, when people cut themselves on broken glass, strain to pick up heavy fallen items or trip and fall on debris. bp gas prices Shards of glass or ceramic too small to be seen easily can cut you or your pets if you step on them. Be careful.

And though the effects of the earthquake were serious, there is much to be thankful for that they were not worse. The quake should serve as a reminder to be prepared as best we can for natural disasters of all kinds. On a municipal and state level, that means making sure our roads, buildings and utilities can withstand the stresses of events like this. t gastrobar el tenedor On a personal level, it means preparing for interruptions in services and supply lines. Keep several days’ worth of clean water on hand, as well as a good supply of food that can withstand relatively long periods without refrigeration. gas tax in new jersey If you need electricity for heat or other essential services, a backup generator is a good investment.

Most of all, the earthquake was a reminder of how much we depend on one another, and how much easier it is to deal with hardships when we face them together. Check on your friends and neighbors to make sure they’re all right, and offer whatever help you can manage. Alaska made it through the Good Friday earthquake, and it will recover from this one stronger than ever. All it will take is our work to make sure it happens.

As Anchorage and nearby communities deal with the aftermath, Interior residents may be thinking back to the Denali fault earthquake of Nov. 3, 2002. That quake registered a magnitude 7.9 and, according to Science magazine, "was associated with 340 kilometers of surface rupture and was the largest strike-slip earthquake in North America in almost 150 years." Two weeks prior to that quake, the magnitude 6.7 Nenana Mountain quake struck west of the eventual Nov. 3 quake, rupturing about 25 miles of the Denali fault.

"Alaska experiences more earthquakes than any other state in the nation and is one of the most seismically active regions of the world (fig. 1A). Since the advent of instrumental monitoring of global seismicity, 11 percent of the world’s earthquakes have occurred in Alaska. During the last century, two of the 10 largest earthquakes in the world and nine of the 10 largest earthquakes in the United States were in Alaska."

"Three main types of tectonic structures contribute to generating seismicity in this region: right-lateral strike-slip faults (Denali, Tintina, Kaltag), north-northeast-trending seismic zones (Minto, Fairbanks, Salcha, Dall City, Rampart), and thrust faults in the northern foothills of the Alaska Range. Deep earthquakes beneath the Interior source region are associated with the northern part of the shallowly dipping Aleutian subduction zone."