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The six candidates for the three contested alderman positions in next Tuesday’s Vermillion City Council Alderman election had three things on their minds during a candidate forum held Tuesday at City Hall: Addressing the poverty level, encouraging continued economic development and opening lines of communication between the council and the residents of the community.

While there are four open positions in the upcoming election, the Vermillion Area Chamber and Development Company and the Governmental Affairs Committee hosted the forum for the candidates running for the Alderman seats in the Central, Northwest and Southeast Wards, as Tom Sorenson is running unopposed in the Northeast ward.

During the forum each question was asked to each candidate. Hp gas online booking mobile number Several of the questions had similar themes, the most common: the poverty rate in Vermillion.

“Maybe five or six years ago, Steve Howe who was the VCDC director did a study and investigation of economic circumstances in the area and brought forward to the city this alarming rate,” said Ward. Gas prices going up in nj “I certainly was not aware of the poverty in our town. Electricity for kids Because I grew up in a middle class family, I don’t think I saw it. 4 gas laws I always kind of viewed Vermillion as a meritocracy – no one was ultra-rich and no one was ultra-poor. Gas zone edenvale I don’t know if that has changed, or I just didn’t recognize it when I was young, but it is certainly something that concerns me. Gas 76 When we are in such a small community and there are people who are not able to enjoy and take advantage of all the things that the University and the city offer to all of the residents, that is a shame because we are too small of a place to have that happen. Electricity quizlet Anything we can do to change that is important to me.”

While each of the candidates identified the poverty rate as a huge issue facing the council, none of them had concrete ideas on how to solve the issue.

Christensen suggested forming groups to study the issue that would search for ways to identify the reasons for the high rate of poverty and ways to alleviate it.

Collier-Wise said that in her everyday job working with the United Way, she knows that the latest 5-year study came out and said that the rate had jumped from 33 percent to 37 percent. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh However, she noted, while she wasn’t clear what had caused the jump, she suggested that perhaps the economic downturn of 2008 played a role in it.

Humphrey, who works with the Head Start program in Vermillion said he sees every day the effect that poverty can have on the most vulnerable of the community, the children.

What was clear was that while each of the candidates concurred that poverty was a huge issue facing the community, no one was sure what the right idea was to solve the issue, however all of them suggested continued economic growth was a component that could directly impact the rate.

The candidates all said that they thought that Vermillion was on the right track in terms of economic development from the VCDC bringing in new businesses to infrastructure improvements being done by the city, building for the future.

“Everybody has been talking about the fact that we need to grow,” Willson said. Electricity 220 volts wiring “The community can’t grow or recruit new businesses to town without looking at the utilities that will support the growth: water, sewer, electricity, everything that a new business will need. J gastroenterology impact factor You have to be forward thinking. 7 gas station You can’t wait until all of a sudden you need more water or electrical capacity because you have a new development or new apartment building coming in. Gas dryer vs electric dryer That is what we have been doing. Gsa 2016 catalog We have updated our sanitary sewer system, our water system. Gas in dogs It is all part of being involved in providing what the city needs to grow.”

While the rest of the candidates focused on the poverty rate and economic growth, Humphrey’s main reason for running for the council was to improve communication with the community.

“In the last few years there have been a few issues that have been very polarizing to the community and totally divided the community,” he said. Gas out game rules “Although no one will agree upon all the issues all the time, I do feel that the city council members, some more than others, have stopped listening to the voters and the people they serve. Gas x strips instructions They need to communicate with them as openly and honestly as possible. La gasolina reggaeton explosion While I recognize that you can’t divulge everything, I truly believe more could have been said and done to show the community that they were working for them.”

He said that many of the business owners he has visited with are concerned about the plans, specifically what is it going to cost them and how will it affect parking for their businesses.

Collier-Wise said that she believes the majority of the questions on the proposed plan – stressing that it was just a proposal that nothing was decided on – had been addressed during a recent forum that was well attended by the community.

Another question posed to the candidates was regarding the ordinances pertaining to rental property and if they are being correctly and fairly enforced.

“I am completely in support of code enforcement and the codes we have,” he said. Electricity production in india “Anything we can do to make our town safer I am 100 percent in favor of. Wd gaster x reader Quite frankly, I look forward to the inspections because they help us run our business. Electricity word search ks2 I don’t think there would ever be a time I wouldn’t support that. Electricity labs for middle school I just think there are a lot of other things we could be doing right now. Gas x coupon 2015 Nothing is more important that safety. 3 gases that cause acid rain But there is more there we can do to support that.”

“This is a tough one because on one hand you need to have CAFOs and they are regulated at the state level,” he said. Gas after eating meat “But what I believe the county is trying to do is align their standards with the state standards. Electricity facts ks2 I don’t know if that is a good idea for Clay County or not. Year 6 electricity assessment There are shallow aquifers in Clay County and you don’t want to have CAFOs sitting right on an aquifer with only sand and gravel between them. Gas monkey monster truck driver Even using the best equipment it is almost impossible to stop them from leaching. Power outage houston txu But there are places that are conducive to CAFOs. Gas tax rates by state How it would affect the city? … I think some setback would be changed. Gas constant for air So, I guess I have mixed emotions on that one.”

If you are registered either Democrat or Republican, you will also be voting in the South Dakota primary for the 2016 presidential election. Gas welder salary If you are a registered independent or other party affiliation you will only be voting in the city council election.

Please note that the four polling locations in Clay County are the Armory in Vermillion, the 4-H Center in Vermillion, the Wakonda Senior Center and the Southeast South Dakota Experimental farm on University Road near Beresford.