Alex jones many white house leaks come from deep state “a.i. robots” spying on trump gas 93 octane


ALEX JONES (HOST): So the president keeps freaking out saying, “I’m in meetings with two or three people and they know word-for-word. What in the Hades is going on?” And then they say, “Well, they cut back last year to only some people having cellphones.” Mr. President, you are probably one of the leakers because we know you’ve got two cellphones. They got you to get rid of one about a year ago, which people thought was about you not calling whoever you wanted, and that was part of it, but it’s also because you’re the number one target in the world. It’s not foreign governments that even do it. It’s Apple. If you don’t think [Amazon founder Jeff] Bezos is spying on you, sir, you’re crazy. He’s the richest man in the world. He hates your guts. Obama just got caught spying on you. Remember, Mr. President, back in January of last year I told you they’re spying on you, they’re watching everything you’re doing, it’s Obama, they’re going for broke, they’re not going to stop, they’re going to make something up, you’ve got to move against them. You already knew that too.

So, [White House chief of staff John] Kelly’s got a cellphone, Trump’s got a cellphone. They’re in these meetings where nobody else has got them and it’s still getting out of the meeting word-for-word which is why Trump keeps thinking they’re recording him. Yeah, they’re recording you. But it’s probably not even the people in the room most of the time. They’ve gotten rid of most of those leakers. So the media keeps playing dumb about, “Oh, who’s doing it?” “Oh, maybe it’s Trump talking to the media.” "Maybe it’s–" Well, when he talks to the media that’s not leaking, that’s the president. So they keep playing dumb, saying, “Where are the leakers?” And there’s probably some humans still doing it as well. Leak or be leaked against. But it’s the phones. And if you don’t — if they were going to spy on you when you were a candidate, president-elect, and president, do you think it ever stopped? They’ve got lasers on your windows listening. They’ve got people inside they’re paying off. They’re listening over the phones. They’re listening over the apps. They’ve got stuff over the smart TVs they can break into.

And the fact that I guarantee you, you’ve had bug sniffers in there that went for old traditional bugs and wiretaps. That’s not what you’re going to get hit with. It’s the smart TVs, it’s the smartphones, that’s what’s spying. And that’s why they didn’t allow them in the White House by Bush’s second term. It’s why reporters would get on Air Force One and they’d say, “Take your batteries off and put your batteries in this bag and your cellphones in that bag.” And the bags were Faraday cages. The bags were lead-lined, or copper-lined. Paul [Joseph Watson], I know you want to add to this, but Trump is just — has bad advisers telling him. Because if they don’t know that it’s what the head of the CIA said six years ago, we’re going to listen to you over your appliances. They can listen to people, if they have power down, power line in the area and the right transformers, they can listen over light bulbs. Yes, through the new light bulbs. They can listen through anything. It’s all resonance. And it’s all with sensors bouncing back up — these light bulbs have special sensors in them, and but those sensors can also be tuned with the data over power lines to give them an image. It’s the same thing. There’s thousands of ways as we get information singularity that they can listen to the president. He needs to know that it’s not the traditional person in the room, it is the A.I. robots. Paul Watson, what do you say to that, my friend?