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Which is a project that they do every year now at Sundance they have to do the virtual reality experiences, virtual reality story telling, documentaries, things like that.

And there are a lot of different things going on at Sundance, so one of the things that we talked about earlier this week was the Leviathan Project.

And this was actually built, we did some more research and learned a little bit more about this, this was actually built, the Leviathan Project was built using Unity 3D.

And they’re obviously really involved in a lot of virtual reality, Unity and Unreal are kind of the two major forerunners for, I mean just game engines in the first place.

I think that it’s interesting to see Sundance, which is not a video game centric experience, it is very much more movies and television and passive entertainment.

Yeah, so empathy-wise, I thought one of the really interesting experiences that they showed off as part of one of the installations, like one of the exhibits you could check out was

That will still be very impactful from a sympathy point of view, from an empathy point of view because you’re inside the experience rather than looking at it on 2D plane.

You know, you’re looking at this cute little protagonist, and even in a cartoon world, you can still empathise better, and sort of experience that world in a way that wasn’t really possible before virtual reality.

Not only acknowledge it, but really say this matters and this is really important and we should really pay attention to this and look at all the great things people are making.

And then Hakeem wrote in, hey TD, saw a virtual reality bit on the show and the first thing that came to mind was when will they start selling VR concert tickets?

But I really do think by next year there’s going to be the ability to be able to watch, at least, the half time show or some of the game in VR.

But that is a far cry form the $00, $800, $1000 potential standalone solutions that Occulus and Vive and Morpheus, well not Morpheus anymore.

You can do pretty much anything with drones, and that’s why we’re seeing so many of these cool drone stories, about all the crazy wacky stuff people are trying with them.

But to have it on a moving target, I think Is something new and it opens up a whole realm of possibilities for how you can deliver things to stuff on the move, that’s pretty cool.

To be able to land a drone in a place that does not require landing gear so that we can increase what payload equipment on board, whatever it is.

I think this is a huge deal and I think that if for example if Amazon maybe at some point they wanna do this cuz they wanna increase the range.

I absolutely love this and really, to me this will be used Technology could be used in retail drones because there are so many people who accidentally drop them or crash them in bodies of water.

Yeah.>> And it’s like why not have something that could A survive that, like we’re really seeing if you combine all these drones I mean this is a Superdrone.

So this was very interesting that I think that the example, one of the examples they gave was they said, you know, the drone could be hovering over, say, migration paths of Great White Sharks.

So it was, it was a multi-step kind of application where it would do something in the sky then it would be on the surface and kind of watch and then it would dive and be able to see more What I take away from this is that when Skynet comes online there will be nowhere to hide.

I just wanna let you know that we got a Tweet from John Who wrote to us and said, hey TD, that was the most fun I’ve had watching Tomorrow Daily!

I think that’s something that would have to happen Yeah, so instead of having the electric vehicle sticker that let’s you cheat and get to the carpool lane.

There’s instructions where the officer, he had to call a certain number and explain to them that the car was driving It was driving like 25 in a 35 or something like that so it was holding up traffic.

Well now they also have, we heard at CS they tested the first autonomous car in the snow where it can’t see anything and they’re literally using light to bounce off of snow banks and go much farther than

It was like You know, we have like a brother sister fight but then we would like actually sit down and play through four hours of Final Fantasy.

But then there was another one where you could go and steal a diamond and people start shooting at you and you have to shoot yourself out of the room.

I don’t know you were talking about how Mario Kart is a fun short experience, it’s cool, like maybe break up other games with my VR experiences and have shorter games.

You have cardboard and [UNKNOWN] they’re powered by smart phones There’s nothing that is an actual VR headset that you plug into your computer available commercially.

But yeah, so it’s magnet powered, and what you do is the little star is a ball about six centimeters in diameter, and there’s a sponge in there.

It’s really cool, and you gotta water it every now and again but that has either one or a few magnets in it and then the base is called the energy base, that’s what they call it.

And then this goes all the way up to you can get an air bonsai that is At a little star that is entirely hand-made and energy based that’s hand-made.

Frivolous with your cash and you want something cool, you should back this cuz it’s really awesome and you get it by supposedly August of this year