All addictions caused by past emotional traumas interview with lynn himmelman, ndt master trainer – youtube gaz 67 dakar

New Decision Therapy teachers have experience with clients that have addictions and they have a very strong relationship with previous traumas occurring in their lives. In this video, NDT teacher’s Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Lynn discuss this topic. Addictions are a coping mechanism to deal with the trauma. Do you think there can be an addiction or someone has an addictive lifestyle before a trauma occurred?

Lynn has never had any client that was suffering from an addiction that did not have previous trauma. She just did not have any cases to say otherwise. It is more of a resultant effect of traumas to develop addictions. Lynn has been involved for about 20 years with case after case with people having some kind of trauma that goes back in their history. It is an important piece in getting that person to go on with their life again and heal that.

When we experience a traumatic situation and have an addictive lifestyle it has a limiting effect on our body-oxygen levels and overall health. By participating in NDT, our emotional pain can be healed. This would result in great improvements in our mental and physical health as well. In the holistic perspective, our emotions are linked to our mental and physical well-being.

Having an excess amount of emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, anger, depression and other similar emotions from a traumatic event constricts our ability to live. Also, the addictions that result from the trauma might provide a short-term relief from negative emotions, but in the long-term, they keep increasing these negative emotions.

These emotions are buried deep in the subconscious from a traumatic event and they assist in decreasing body-oxygen levels and a healthy state. People that experience these emotions a lot tend to over-breathe according to their unconscious breathing patterns. Over-breathing happens by taking in large and numerous inhales and by mouth breathing. This over-breathing leads to diseases such as diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, cancer and many other diseases that assists to a decline in people’s state of health. In turn, this becomes a cycle where people’s poor physical health makes it more difficult to have clarity, positive emotions and to concentrate.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov aims to slow down unconscious or automatic breathing patterns and this helps to improve your physical health. Increasing body-oxygen levels will minimize any damage caused by addictions and other traumatic experiences. Also, there is an increase of positive emotions and it becomes easier to concentrate and improve your mind clarity to get rid of addictions.

According to the medical norm, a healthy breathing level is 40 seconds when measured with the control pause test. These levels will improve resiliency to face any stressors. Additionally, the drive to achieve and maintain balance is greatly helped. People with 40 to 60 seconds for the CP test or body-oxygen levels experience many health benefits such as sleeping less, having more energy and the desire to exercise. In turn, these benefits help to increase body-oxygen levels and limit the effects of negative emotions on our overall health.