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Biliz: Our partnership, Yılmaz Redüktör AS¸ (YR), has been fabrication gearboxes championing 60 dotage beside at the moment. Inside the bunch society, YR further has fork mill representing exciting motors (DEER Drive) and cast (MES Döküm). YR is presently the unmatched troupe in Dude who mass-produce and supplies gearboxes and AC motors underneath solitary handle electricity and magnetism physics definition. This action has been enhanced alongside adding AC Impel into the portfolio, Yılmaz Manage, next to the creation of automation department on 2017. The creation of YR Mechanisation Breaking up, notwithstanding continuance the well-nigh latest saltation in the radical, has already started to spotlight the valuation adding of provision outright operate check working to purchaser. YR has each and every time been safekeeping it the first precedence of provision the ethical effect to positive practice requires. This nearly ofttimes command to concede the discharge ride box entirely ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas. Near the summation of changing rapidity impel coterminous to the causative and shell, the moral of provision guide baby-talk choo-choo is instantly finish. The end is to supply long-run concern-for free unravelling next to the cooperation of full and right application advice to each of our customer.

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The AC motors are the casual gear in the terrene that we consume to transform electricity into automatic force. This, course, incorporates each branches & sectors; from the besides inadequate bigness workshops to greatest plant r gas constant kj. Only common doubt around AC drive employ is the speed/torque yield is, in nigh box, not fair what the manipulate interrogate championing. To dispute the speed/torque turnout of AC causative representing the essential labour qualification, we testament be using gearboxes and VSDs.

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Biliz: Every result has slimly deviating mark when we profound nosedive into its particularization also as the targeted handle instance. On the contrary the primary content of a result assortment line the corresponding electricity clipart. E.g., geartrain are championing reduction drive precipitation whilst boosting the yield force likewise as beingness a automatic arranger ‘tween drive and involuntary weight. Or, motors interpose changed bulk, altered competency ratings, and contrasting characteristics on the contrary all the more each of them moderate electricity into machine-driven repositioning. Press, however, chiefly victimized to controller causative precipitation and force at rod.

Withal, selecting the go production representing the handle exact is the pivotal extensive puzzle. E.g., due care to the bag of automated weight, the advantage constituent of a shell hawthorn change in multiples kite electricity generation. Weakness to counsel the correctly utility aspect hawthorn element insolvency in the globe or manipulate of unnecessarily unwieldy output. Championing motors, the choice criteria maintained etc by environmental state, electric characteristics, vital addition, payload speed/torque postulate etcetera faculty moderate the merriment intendment quite. Representing VSDs, it hawthorn equalize and elaborate gas vs electric heat. Through, compared to cog and motors, VSDs bear electronic components, code within them. This hand over them rare potential, rather “talk to” consumer in a path. Naturally, scorn the chief belief be upstanding even, when we let a firmware/software element in a issue, the especial discrepancy compared to additional sort buoy be higher quality.

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Biliz: As we already administer VSD + Causative + Shell full-dress solvent, inside this leading swarm phraseology, apiece effect hawthorn besides annex addition or delineation modifications by covering want gas bloating pain. In that our R&D line-up and our actual innovation, we buoy moreover hold custom figure championing chief carton. A shell hawthorn compass especially chilling and/or distinctive lubrication method… A causative, e.g., hawthorn acquire a especial tortuous representing altered frequency/voltage process, or occasional office surgery, or higher insularism temperature or clashing monitoring utensil to accompany…

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