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On the Hollywood red carpet on Monday, Duncan Jones suggested that he’d love to see fans compile a list of all the easter eggs in Warcraft. So we’ve put together a list of all the movie easter eggs we’ve found! If you’ve noticed more, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them. If you’ve seen the film, what was your favorite Easter Egg?

Stormwind is faithfully rendered, down to each district having differently-colored roofs and the flightmaster being in the same location in the Trade District. The gryphon even takes the same flight path, including swerving to avoid the Trade District archway, and lands with the flight master on the right. When Stormwind is first shown on screen, the music briefly changes to the recognizable Stormwind theme in game.

When finding the king and his entourage, Lothar doesn’t go to any inn…he goes to the Lion’s Pride Inn, the first inn many players encounter in World of Warcraft. The flightpath is faithfully rendered, with the gryphon headed east from Stormwind’s Trade District.

When King Llane leaves Stormwind for the final battle, he says goodbye to the royal family, taking care to call out his son Varian by name. While the name won’t mean anything to a moviegoer, to a player this is a glimpse of Alliance leader Varian Wrynn as a child.

Even though it’s never called by name in the film, Medivh uses the legendary staff Atiesh. In classic WoW, casters could complete a lengthy questline to acquire this item, which opened a portal to Karazhan and looked identical to the movie version (although a bit lower-resolution).

In World of Warcraft, Orgrim Doomhammer’s weapon has been passed down to his close friend Thrall, who wields it throughout all of the expansions. In Legion, Enhancement Shamans can acquire . The in-game version looks quite similar to the movie version, minus the Frostwolf Clan Logo.

Khadgar is drawn to pick up a book that describes how the Dark Portal is opened–in lore, this is known as the Book of Medivh. One of the pages has the text "Ask Alodi," and in Legion, we hear of Alodi for the first time in game. Frost Mages can acquire the Artifact Weapon and in an introductory Legion quest, we learn that Alodi was entrusted a book describing the Pillars of Creation. The player must rescue the book from Karazhan and summon the spirit of Alodi to learn more about the Pillars–the driving force behind questing in Legion. The central part of Dalaran in Legion has also received a visual update (image on the left) which more closely resembles the council room in the movie.

Moroes is Medivh’s faithful tower steward, both in the movie and in game as an early boss in Karazhan. When Lothar appears exhausted from climbing up Karazhan Tower’s spiral staircase, Moroes gives him a Super Healing Potion which instantly restores his energy. The long stairs and Lothar’s exhaustion may be a playful nod to the incredibly long run back to Karazhan when players wiped.

The Karazhan library, where Khadgar finds the fateful tome, is an area players clear after defeating The Curator. The trash here was very tricky when Karazhan was first released in The Burning Crusade. After defeating the trash in the library, players make their way up a winding staircase, similar to the one found in the movie which Lothar struggles to climb.

The key fight between Khadgar, Lothar, and Medivh seemed to be paced like a boss fight. Medivh goes through several phases, eventually turning into a demon in his final form, while Khadgar must kite the golem into the magical rune as Lothar aggros Medivh, taunting him into the Essence Font. Using a construct to defeat its master is a concept used in other WoW boss fights like Socrethar the Eternal.