All thumps up! ) – review of poseidon dive center, taganga, colombia – tripadvisor gas prices going up to 5 dollars


The front desk staff are lovely. The instructors are cool. Unfortunately we were switched to a different instructor for the open water diving, and his electricity lesson plans middle school English was more limited than my high school Spanish, so we followed dive instructions in Spanish and pantomiming, even though I’d been assured we’d have a bilingual instructor. I chose Poseidon based on reviews here, even though it’s more expensive than competitors. But the worst part of the operation are the owners. They’re incredibly surly, and worse, chain smoking cigarettes the entire time you’re there. It’s pretty gross to come up for air and have that first breath be carcinogenic. The space is semiconfined and I really don’t see why they need to be smoking right on top of the classes. When I asked if we could get instruction away from the smoke (I have asthma), the instructor asked the owner to smoke elsewhere. She complied for about an hour before coming back to smoke again. For the impact of electricity in the 1920s next 4 days she resumed smoking next to the classes and pool, now with dirty looks and a surly attitude. I’d suggest going with another school if you don’t love secondhand smoke, prefer English instruction for a risky activity, or have any medical concerns (they tell you to lie on the form and deny any conditions like asthma, but never go over what conditions you may actually have).

Hello, thanks a lot for your time, comment and critique here at TA, even if you don´t liked our services c gastronomie brignais. You are the 1st one in nearly 400 reviews who rates us that bad. For us it would be easier to get in touch with TA to delete your post, like lot´s business owner are doing it but we like to keep it posted in order to respond you properly and the people can check it out on their own what´s the truth. 1 ) Instructor Switch: . In our conservation before the course you wanted to have gas bubble in back the Instructions in English, but the materials for your girlfriend in Spanish. During the pool training we noticed that it was too difficult for your girlfriend to understand the explications of the skills in English , so he did in both languages. Like you speak very good Spanish we tried to find a solution due electricity notes class 10 pdf to this issue. You should remember that we asked you after Confined Water Training if we can switch you both to a Spanish speaking Instructor, like your girlfriend was not able to understand completely the Instructions given in English, and as you write your Spanish is very good and you both agreed. So if you don´t understood the Instructions why you don´t came after the 1st day with the Spanish speaking Instructor to let us know, so we could have switch to the Instructor from the 1st day 935 gas block. 2 ) About the smoking, yes its right that we are smoking, but the history you write is not correct, specially I was exactly there as it happens. As soon the Instructor advised us we stopped smoking at the table close to you during the rest of your training. It is definitely not true that anybody of us complained about your request. This was on the 28 Feb. Then you wrote that this happened for the next 4 days and with bad attitude. You became certified on the 2nd of March, two days later. You wasn´t there for the next 4 days you mention in your review, also you went out diving in the mornings. And on the 2nd we were also with you on the boat the whole morning, right and it seems that nobody was smoking, because electricity use if there was somebody smoking you for sure would have mentioned it. 3 ) You mentioned in the review that you have asthma, I have your medical form in front of me which you have filled out by your own and static electricity how it works it stays clearly that you answered this question with NO in the medical form. During our whole conservation which took place before you arrived, you never mentioned a medical issue, are I am right ? 4 ) At the beginning of your post you write that the front desk staff is lovely, while you filled out the paperwork you was with the front desk staff and now you write that they tell you to lie. NOT TRUE, what they told you is that if you answer one of the question with YES you need to go to a Medic first before you can start in water activity. The question is why you didn´t answered the questions in the medical form honestly gas guzzler tax. May be you did not want to see a medic ? And the point which is most impressive during the whole stay with us there was a Hyberbaric Chamber Medic with us diving, so if you would have mentioned it to anyone of the staff the solution was probably just a few meters away. Also the medic was on the boat with you the 2nd. 5) You write that we should go over the medical issues, we can´t do this, we are not medics, this only can be checked and authorized by official medicals, we can just tell you what you need to do in case you write yes. We are gas zauberberg 1 not medics. 6 ) Today we have the same issue with a client who wants to make a Discover Scuba Diving Program who also has Asthma Problems. As soon we read the about this issue we informed the client that he has to see a medic before any in water activity and get medical clearance. So here is a clear evidence that we care about standards and health in order to keep our clients save. I could electricity billy elliot chords proof you of clients which we rejected due to medical issues and the next day we saw them diving with other dive Center. May be they did the same as you and don´t answered the medical form honestly. 7 ) You write in your post that diving is a risky activity. I am working since more than 20 years in the diving industry and I can tell you that diving itself it´s not a risky activity, its and activity gas leak smell with potential risk, more or less the same as driving a car. While driving and you cross a traffic light while red to have the risk of an accident. Therefore there are the forms you have to read and sign in an environment where you can decide not to take the risk you are informed and you have signed which happens in our front office with our lovely front desk staff as you wrote at the beginning of the post. What is one of the reasons that makes diving in some opinions a risky activity? It´s people like you who don´t answer honest as it´s proofed by your post and your signed medical statement. We had issues like yours lot´s of times and it seems that your health is not worth 30- 40 USD for the medical n game consultation or you are just too lazy, I don´t know. 8) Finally I hope for your health and safety in participating in a risky activity, that when you a back in the US you go to visit a dive medic in order to evaluate that you are actually able to dive. If you have trouble to find one drop me a mail and I help you to find one. 9 ) To finish I have to recognize that yes me made an error during the training, but with your girlfriend, She is Vegetarian and we forgot to have a vegi snack for her on the boat gas vs diesel, also I don´t know why she did not advised us after the 1st day hp gas online complaint on the boat. We are humans and make errors and I am one of the one who recognize if we make one. Yesterday one client was diving for free because of our error but he talked to us, very simple, right. 10 ) And here my last recommendation for you: As a certified diver you have to sign another type of liability release, just make sure that you read and respond it honestly, because now as a certified diver the RESPONSIBILITY IS YOURS. Have Fun whenever you go diving around he world Max from PDC