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we were 8 adults and 3 kids ,We have been on 25th May 2018 on Boat by Name Ganga ,Firstly were exited to see the boat , 1.the issue was the crew who were serving the food, were forcing us to have the lunch at their prefered time and argued with us when we asked them to hold on for some time as if they are busy than any one else ,when we called to inform the same to river land staff who collected the cash in full payment was ignoring the call and asked us to call the land line and speak on the same. 2.The timings were 12 PM Chk In & Nxt da y @9 AM was chk Out.the formula was to kill time they stopped the boat at 2.PM for lunch for 1 hr ,were as other boats were moving around having/enjoying their lunch which was very much close to our sight .which we had converyed to the crew but were not intrested. 2.its been observed that in comparsion with other boats these crew was like in a sleepy mood on duty and was not at all interested to take us to the midle of the backwater were all other boats were roaming around , they were as slow as their are no words to describe, later got to know he was just fooling around killing the time. 3.left and right we have couple of small houses we have not even crossed those houses he was turning the boat by saying 5 PM is the dead line to come back and stopped us from were we started. 4.Next day again it was told boat will start by 7 .AM for 2 Hrs wer as it started at 7.45 the doat driver took us along to take water cans which was 20 mins from were we started and stopped us at sharp AM . the boat 1st floor their were many mosquitoes My suggestion to all is book boat only for day drive i.e,s moring to eveing ,which saves your money as well as time .No meaning staying back at river killing mosquitoes with no one around you neither its some thing some one should experience . Even a couple or a family chk out by eveing stay at a decent hotel rest of the day to have good experince.

Rainbow cruises: we booked 3 days 2 nights through our company Shikhar tours. On reading reviews we contacted our tour company to be told, they have used Rainbow cruises for years and we were insured of a positive experience. Sadly we were "ripped off" as Australians would say, due to high demand this time of year Jan 2018 it was explained to us that Rainbow cruises often run out of boats hence the use of an independent contractor. The staff were friendly, good cooks and generally interested in our time on their boat being positive, though cleanliness needed addressing as I asked the staff to mop, clean and generally give better attention to detail. Please don’t get us wrong, we had a lovely few days, the scenery was wonderful and the staff were accommodating, though not impressed when we didn’t tip at the end, and they questioned our guide as to our choices. With technology and reviews in the 21st century, companies like Shikhar Tours need to be accountable for their choices, and with Rainbow cruises, clear accountability for their actions. Please see our photos are nothing like the ones on the website but we did enjoy the experience. On docking our final afternoon there were a few boats that did look like the brochure, hence the attachment of the photo just like the brochure.

One word that describes it ; Pathetic- please book with them at your own risk. I used their house boat ‘River bay’ from 10th Night and check out on 11th May 2018. We felt really cheated by the Lakelands cruise company who didn’t deliver what was promised. Food: Sub standard and insufficient for four people, upon asking for some more the house boat people said its finished. A pineapple was kept on the table they said if you have this now the same will not be offered during the breakfast. Further upon asking for little more of sambhar they added more water to already diluted sambhar and offered the same. toilet: Stinking toilet, empty odonils packs kept in the toilets. the toilet door locks automatically and does not also open from outside. A spoon has been modified to open the door from outside. We were travelling with kids god save us if any of our kid would have got locked in the toilet. AC in the rooms: Though there are ACs in the room but the ACs don’t have remote control. So neither you can increase the temperature nor reduce it. Accordingly the advise given by the houseboat staff is leave it on or if you feel cold just switch it off from the mains. No electricity in the night. The staff had to be woken up to switch on the generator and eventually there was no light in the boat for good 10 mins that we waited for the staff to take some action. Tie up with massage center: The houseboat has a tie up with the Kerala ayurvedic massage center, they will take you to only that massage center where they have tie up and ensure that boat is placed such that you donot have any choice to explore any other massage center. Before you even think to get whether you want to get the massage done or not they will park their house boat infront of the massage center and after Response to the feedback when given to reception: The reception staff typical response you should have informed us before starting the trip. I somehow failed to understand how can we inform these issues even before the facilities are utilized. We understand the services cannot be compared with hotel, but then for the amount charged by the cruise people basic facilities atleast should be delivered.