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I didn’t grow up in a halal or kosher home. But when I studied the old Laws of what is edible for mankind, I stopped eating pork and many other things when I learned that it was unclean. Although I was always fit and healthy, I became super healthy. Since cutting out also the unclean seafoods, my immunity became 100%. I haven’t even been sick from influenza for nearly 10 years now, considering how much I travel, going through international airports, and my husband having the flu easily up to 2 times a year…. I can vouch for eating as God knows best for us. He created us after all. I just don’t get sick anymore. Its amazing. I’ll get reactions to wrong foods when I might be passing areas where its prepared, my nose gets watery and then mucous will go thick within minutes, skin will feel itchy and then I know to get out of there. I by any chance I consume something wrong, I’ll be sweating and have diarrhea within a short time as my body just proceeds to get rid of it. Some other symptoms will most of the time also kick in. I decided to check and double check before just eating and if I have any doubts, I won’t eat. I hope my post with yours can make it a dollar – to be healthy is fantastic.

Rob, it seems to vary from person to person. I have eaten pork all my life, but noticed about 10 years ago that I was starting to have trouble digesting fresh pork (pork chops, pork roast, etc.). This would be diarrhea and cramping about 12 – 24 hrs later. Smoked or processed pork were fine.

Last June, I began to have incredibly sharp pains in my right side, mid-abdomen, that lasted about 4 days. I was nauseated and could eat nothing without incredible pain. After seeing my doctor and having an MRI (which showed NOTHING), I went on with life.

My family had begun a soft transition to vegetarianism last summer, so I rarely encounter pork. But, I still adore bacon and sausage and will have it at my mother’s house when I visit or when dining at friends’ houses. Last night, I attended a church supper featuring pancakes and sausage. I ate a piece of (very greasy) sausage and, this morning, awoke with horrible gas pains and the stabbing in my right side. The pain is always in the same place, and if I press there, I will belch or otherwise feel gas movement.

I don’t know if it’s my body that has become intolerant to pork or if it is the pork itself. If you have not seen the movie Food, Inc., it is eye-opening. Also, you may want to read Jonathan Safran’s ‘Eating Animals’. Our food animals live in very dirty conditions, with no access to fresh air and, in the case of pigs, with their feet never touching the ground. When our meats come from diseased animals, it is hard to imagine our bodies will not react.

Interestingly, I do not react this way to SMOKED pork. My brother smokes his own barbeque and I never have this reaction to slow-cooked, smoked pork (although it’s from the same pigs, essentially). I have not had a chance to try meat from a pig raised as pigs used to be, on a small farm with access to fresh air and other pigs for socialization, etc. I am curious to see whether my body reacts in the same way.

This website is great. I have never been able to handle ham, sausage, porkchops or ham lunchmeats at all. They make me feel sick and throw up. But I can eat pepperoni, and hotdogs. I can even handle a little bacon and be ok if it is really cooked well ( which I rarely do because it is not healthy anyway when it is burnt) I am not sure if I handle the processedmeats better because they are mixed with other stuff or not but just the smell of hams outside a freshmark plant can make me churn… I thought for a long time that it could be a texture issue except for the lunch meat…other lunch meats are similar in texture and I a fine with them. And I have had it on a sandwhich with a bunch of meats that tasted fine going down but made me really sick later then found out there was ham on it. Some of my family members are always saying its all in my head…and I had never heard of anyone that seemed to have my issues and have half thought maybe it could somehow be a mental thing myself…still wasn’t gonna eat it though cause I don’t like what happens- mental or not. Now I see people with similar reactions and know I’m. Not imagining things after all!