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I live in Germany and I went on a whim one Sunday after seeing a ton of Instagram posts about it 🙂 It’s only an hour drive from where I live and static electricity in the body a sunny, slightly chilly Sunday so it was going to be no traffic but of course big crowds (because even though it’s low tourist season, NOTHING is open in Germany on Sundays except tourist sites, ice cream shops and gas stations lol.) Parking is 2 Euro for two hours and it is paid IN two-hour increments with EXACT change so be ready for that. The bridge opens at 10am but I got there a little late around 11am and the parking lot was almost already full gas in chest. The walk from the parking lot to the bridge was through some neighborhoods and farm fields and only took me like 15 minutes. The u gas station bridge itself is a marvelous piece of design/architecture and the views from the bridge are gorgeous in fall (I’m sure it is nice in all seasons, but the autumn colors are PERFECT in late October). It was like 50-55 degrees farenheit out and I layered clothes and glad I did because I was pretty toasty by the time I got to the bridge since it was sunny and I was walking fast. The gas gas beginning and edge of the bridge is usually filled with people traffic since EVERYone is trying to take a selfie (and since the crowd was mostly families and people in the 30-60 age ranges the selfies weren’t taken that efficiently LOL). So anyways, with just one pic going across the bridge I say it took 9gag instagram like only ten minutes to walk one way across even with a little traffic at both ends. The forest below the bridge is the real treat with wide paths and great trails. The visitors center has bathrooms and a mini-cafe. If you’re a non-German, please make sure to remember to take a .50 Euro coin la gasolina in english to leave in the bathroom. Also, no matter how awesome you think you are at trapsing across bridges, wear some decent shoes. A little moisture, ice, anything makes some of the bridge crossing a little slippery so if you walk in kitten heels or flip flops, it’s not a showstopper but people will look at you like you’re a loon – because yeah, makes no sense to do that. And I lived in Hawaii for years where people wear flip flops everyyyywhere so I got it that people origin electricity login like to wear those things everywhere, but crossing Geier bridge in fall/winter would be goofy. AND FINALLY – please please please please don’t take your dog unless it’s a purse dog and you can literally put it in your purse or backpack across the bridge. The medium and electricity words large size dogs were NOT at all cool with crossing the bridge and some people were dragggggging their poor puppies across the bridge which I thought was cruel, especially since most of them were whimpering 🙁 Just electricity deregulation don’t. So overall, it was worth the drive and if you don’t want crowds, get to the parking lot more around 09:30 ish to walk to the bridge as soon as it opens. Give the trip 1-2 hours there if you just do the bridge, and 2-4 hours if you hike through all the areas on top of walking the bridge. ANd if you take selfies, be good at it so you don’t cause tremendous foot traffic and have people yelling at you 😉 OH, and it’s hard youtube gas monkey to get any cell phone signal/data out there but there is wifi at the visitors center. The pics I’ve added to this review are mine and were taken before noontime and late October.