Alp life sciences announces new alp high 3 formulation and lower prices origin electricity account

BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C., April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ALP Life Sciences, Inc. today announced its new and improved ALP High 3 Omega 3 fish oil supplement in triglyceride form. The new formulation of ALP High 3 contains over 1600 mg of EPA and DHA in a daily serving of two soft gels, a 30 percent boost over the previous formulation. It is available at, and at participating independent pharmacies. The new ALP High 3 provides the greatest possible absorption and bioavailability among available Omega 3 fish oil preparations. ALP High 3 is specially formulated for patients that understand and appreciate the growing body of scientific evidence supporting the power of triglyceride form fish oil to reduce the risks of inflammatory diseases.

ALP High 3 is in the re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) form of Omega 3 fish oil. It is produced using the advanced supercritical CO2 extraction method, i.e. with lower heat. Most fish oil is in the ethyl ester form, which can reduce absorption by more than 50 percent vs. the triglyceride form. ALP High 3 has a unique double enteric coating, eliminating fish burp. Enteric coatings have also been shown to increase absorption by as much as 60 percent over non-enteric coated fish oils. ALP High 3 may deliver greater than 15 times more Omega 3 absorption than other formulations, making ALP High 3 the top choice for improving health and wellness with anti-inflammatory Omega 3s in fish oil. ALP also announced new lower pricing to reward its growing number of loyal customers.

"Too many inflammatory Omega 6 fats in the diet and too few anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fats are a primary contributor to the chronic inflammatory disease epidemic in the U.S. and globally. Omega 3 supplementation is an effective way to impact chronic disease states," noted Robert A. Barker, M.D., a practicing family physician, and Chairman of ALP Life Sciences. "Patients need to evaluate and compare Omega 3 products to determine the Omega 3 product that produces maximum therapeutic benefit at the best cost. The ALP mission is to help educate physicians and patients on how to most effectively reduce the role of inflammation in many chronic diseases by reducing Omega 6s in the diet and adding science-based Omega 3 supplementation. This will improve the Omega 6/3 ratio in patients."

ALP High 3 has some of the highest levels of triglyceride form EPA/DHA available in any fish oil supplement at 480mg/320mg per gram. The ratio of EPA/DHA in ALP High 3 is the naturally occurring 1.5 ratio. This reduces the Omega 3 dose required to achieve higher levels of bioavailable Omega 3 from fish oil. Tests are available to show your Omega 6/3 levels. These tests show that most Americans are deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids. The ALP Omega 3 Calculator helps show the actual impact of the different forms and formulations on absorption and bioavailability.

Physicians can register with ALP to participate in the ALP High 3 sample program. They can refer patients to,, their local pharmacy, or offer ALP High 3 in their practice. Pharmacies can participate by carrying ALP High 3, serving physicians and patients in the manner they are most accustomed to receiving their healthcare.

ALP Life Sciences, Inc. (ALP) is a nutritional medicine and medical biochemistry research company. The company is advancing research in the area of chronic inflammatory diseases and related lipid metabolism. ALP was founded to conduct research in the area of fatty liver disease and its connection to chronic inflammatory diseases. Fatty liver is an emerging global epidemic in both the developed and emerging world. ALP research is focused on novel nutritional based methods of treatment. The ALP mission is to conduct lipid metabolism research and offer or license new products addressing chronic inflammatory diseases, and provide nutritional medicine based education to physicians and patients. The emerging science of Applied Lipid Polymorphism "ALP" is simply the use of appropriate doses of formulated lipids as nutritional medicine and commercialized as Rx, medical food or OTC products to facilitate the remodeling of lipids in the human body to optimize human health.