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The Alpha ONE non-electric bidet seat from is unlike any other bidet on the market today. Thanks to its ultra slim design, the Alpha ONE resembles a normal toilet seat, but has powerful bidet cleansing functionality built-in. It can be installed in just 10 minutes, requires no electricity, and features a simple one lever control system that’s simple enough for anyone to use. Oh, and it’s also the most affordable bidet seat available.

The Alpha ONE bidet seat offers both front and rear cool water cleansing with retractable dual nozzles. The nozzles are robust and specially designed for an optimal spray pattern. Pulling the chrome control lever back will activate the powerful rear wash. Pushing the lever forward will start the soothing front feminine wash. Return the lever to its middle position and the spray will stop. Just simple, effective cleansing with no frills.

Most non-electric bidet attachments on the market are either big bulky seats, or are fitted underneath the rear of your toilet seat. While they are functional, their appearance leaves a lot to be desired. Enter, the Alpha One. At just 2.5” tall in the rear, the Alpha One is the most discrete bidet seat currently in production.

The Alpha One bidet will replace your existing toilet seat and will fit on almost any residential elongated toilet (except some one piece toilets with extreme curves). However, don’t let its sleek silhouette fool you. The Alpha One bidet seat is rated to withstand 300lbs and even has a sturdy, sittable lid. Both the seat and lid are slow closing to prevent slams.

The Alpha One can be installed by just about anybody. Its non-electric cool water design means plumbing is a breeze via an included brass 7/8” t-valve that goes underneath the toilet tank. A braided metal supply hose then connects to the side of the seat and you’re done. The Alpha One bidet seat will then slide into a mounting bracket that gets secured to your toilet bowl. Just two bolts, and one valve. Quality Inside and Out

Beyond its attractive exterior, the Alpha One is also built better on the inside. Utilizing a unified internal brass valve with brass inlet, the Alpha One bidet is all about eliminating leaks. A metal t-valve leads to a braided metal supply hose which connects to a brass inlet on a unified brass pressure valve. See what we did there? Compare our valves and fittings to the competition and you’ll see why we’re so excited about the Alpha One.

I have enjoyed having an underseat, non-electric bidet for some time. But after recently installing a one-piece toilet with "French curves" (wide flair at the back of the bowl to the tank rather than rounded), I found that my old bidet would not fit!

No problem, I thought. I’ll just find one that does. To my surprise, there are almost none that do! There are a couple of high-end ($500-$600) electric bidets that say they "might" work with "some models." But I’m not about to pay that kind of money for what should be a simple device like this!

Fortunately, I found the Bidet King website, where I found this bidet. It doesn’t say so, although it should, but it certainly looked to me from the design that it should work. The problem with other units is that the control and connection is mounted too closely to the bowl and the connection mounts from underneath. Since with this model, the connection extends out to the side and the control is above the bowl line, it shouldn’t be a problem. And it wasn’t.

The instructions are a bit lacking, but it’s easy enough to figure out, and I’m sure Bidet King will help if you have trouble. There is a curved connector on one end of the braided hose, which I assume is intended to connect to the unit. Although this could have worked, since the connector can be positioned to point rearwards, I found it easiest to connect the other end, which is straight, and connect the curved end to the coupling that joins the water supply, tank, and bidet together. Works like a charm!

Although this design is slightly more expensive than the under-seat units, I think it is better anyway. It incorporates a high quality toilet seat, with the soft-close feature. Such seats typically run about $40 or more by themselves. It also provides a more "finished" look. The front and back washing options also allow for some options in terms of positioning of the stream, even when used for washing just the back side.

I would recommend this unit to anyone considering a non-electric bidet. The side-controls otherwise have a somewhat messy look to them. This one is also quite easy to remove for cleaning. The connector hose remains attached, but the seat/bidet can be easily removed and replaced.

As to non-electric, I wouldn’t consider anything else. Unless you are a very tender flower, you do not need warm water in that area. It’s no more sensitive to cold than your hands, or your mouth. You never think twice about picking up a cold beverage in your hand and dousing your mouth with ice cold water! And blow-dry? Please. I can’t imagine using the warm water or blow-dry functions even if they were available. And talk about a hassle to install! (Posted on 5/16/2018) Highly Recommended for this Bidet type. Review by Junne Pabz Rating

We have a Kohler Santa Rosa and there is very little distance between the seat bolts and the tank so we learned that several brands would not fit or would not allow the seat to stay up. Fortunately, the Alpha One fit perfectly. My wife and I are surprised at how well this functions. The Alpha One does not have a heater, but the cold water is not too bad. We are very pleased with the Alpha One. The only minor complaints are the color, because it is a blue-ish white instead of a soft white, and I wish the valve had a detent so that you know the valve is centered (closed). I placed a small strip of electrical tape on the valve knob and another on the fixed part of the valve that attaches to the seat so it is visually easier to get it centered when you wish to turn it off. Otherwise, it is not so easy to get it centered because of the visual angle and a couple times water was weeping from the spray nozzle for several hours before we noticed. Other than these minor issues, we are very happy with it. Oh, and it only took about 15-20 minutes to install. (Posted on 1/19/2018) Great Bidet Review by RJH Rating

This bidet is amazing!! It has a frontal and rear sprayer to clean you. The sprayer has enough water force that leaves you totally clean, I needed it after surgery. It made it easier to use the bathroom since I had limitations. The seat comes down in slow motion. It is the best thing to have in bathroom for cleanliness and very easy to install. We love it! I wish I could have one in every bathroom. I have 3 and a half bathrooms. Plan to get another one for the guest room in future. I would recommend this bidet since it clear both areas instead on just one. The product is made of good quality it’s a very nice looking seat too. It comes with the entire top and bottom seat cover closes on its own. The lever on the side of the seat allows you to choose the amount of water simply by switching it to front or back. I know that when you get this bidet you will want more so order more if you can. Your bathroom experience will change the way you clean forever. Love it! (Posted on 6/10/2017) Does the job Review by Old Man Rating