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NOTE: Every claimed source needs a cross-reference link; claimed sources need to be plausible, not horrendously obscure; default costumes usually don’t need descriptions since they are not alternate costumes; returning costumes original to Smash do not need references to their appearances in previous Smash games.

Players can pick different alternate costumes for their character by cycling through a list of up to six choices. The buttons used to cycle are 1/ 2 for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination, A and B for the Wii remote alone configuration, and pressing X/ Y for the Classic Controller and GameCube controller.

Most characters have six alternate costumes, though Jigglypuff, Lucario, Pokémon Trainer, and Sonic only have five, and Pikachu has only four. Wario has two costumes with six choices each, doubling his options and giving him two different outfits for each team in Team Battles.

Some characters, namely Lucario, Pokémon Trainer, and Sonic, have sets of alternate costumes that can be difficult to distinguish from each other in a match. As such, tournaments have the "colorblind rule" in doubles matches, where a player can choose which colours their team and their opponents’ team are, if either team has one of the aforementioned characters on their team. While texture hacks are usually discouraged from being used in tournaments, if not flat-out disallowed, it is usually acceptable to use simple texture hacks on these characters to make the color difference between their team palettes more obvious.

When selecting characters in tournament mode, instead of displaying the character’s colored image of the chosen costume, a colored bar is displayed in the player list. This color is usually an intuitive indicator of which costume has been chosen, but there are several cases where costumes are given strange colors, such as giving cyan to Ike’s default blue-brown getup, or using orange or yellow when the opposite is clearly more correct.

In Wi-Fi, Tournament and Team Brawls, if two identical characters share the same alternate costume, the second character will have a lighter tint in their appearance. A third character on the same team uses a darker tint. The fourth character’s tint is even darker than the third character’s. It is generally quite difficult to distinguish from the third character’s color scheme.

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