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Enrique Cortez stared into the late autumn sky with a tinge of depression. Since the August Revolt[2], he had already lost his job and what little savings he had, and was close to losing his home as well. Even worse, the rebellions were starting to become more more violent each passing week, it seemed; one skirmish in October in San Agustin had not only seen the deaths of two soldiers who attempted to keep order, one of them being a cousin of his, but someone had even freed slaves from a local villa.[3] “Chingada! Damn those rebellious devils. Have they any respect for the nation, nay, the race, which birthed them? Or do they seek to destroy all that electricity and magnetism review sheet has been given to them, just because they can’t accept some discipline, like spoiled brats?”[4] Enrique whispered quite harshly, his hatred for them already burning a deep hole in his soul. Feeling as if he could possibly explode in anger if he stayed out any longer, he decided to compose himself and take the approximately half-mile walk back to his home.

The August Revolt in 1805, which started in what is now Mission City[5] would pose a significantly more serious threat to the Spanish hegemony in the Americas than Madrid first realized at that time. It all started on the afternoon hours of the 4th, when residents of that very town heard the news of Sebastian Obregon’s recent initiatives towards tighter military control of the region. This angered most of the town’s residents, as they saw this as nothing more than an opprotunistic power play, and many began to demonstrate in the town center. When the local authorities tried to put an end to this, some of the demonstrators began to riot. One soldier, as told by a living survivor 50 years later, was so anxious to see law order restored that he decided to fire a couple of shots into the crowd. Unfortunately, one of the bullets struck, and killed, a 12-year-old girl whose father was one of the protestors. A few seconds later, once most of the crowd figured out what had just happened, many of the hundred or so people in the square z gas el salvador began running after the the shooter and all 4 of his fellow soldiers. 2 of them couldn’t keep up and were lynched by the angry townspeople. The others got away, although 1 man got lost in the nearby swamp. The soldier who shot into the crowd, we are told, was found about a week later in a field about 10 miles north of town, with a bullet wound in the back of his head. As it appeared, the young cadet had felt such remorse for his actions, that he felt as if he couldn’t bear the guilt any longer; although even today, some do wonder if perhaps he was electricity and magnetism physics definition just fearful of being captured by the angry townspeople or being shipped back home to Spain.

In any case, this eventually led to even more protests and riots, and even harsher crackdowns by Obregon, enforced by his loyal military men. Although a press blackout was ordered in Nov. 1805 by Madrid, and to be enforced immediately whenever these commands were received by the respective governors of New Spain and the other territories under Madrid’s rule, sooner or later, a few people began to receive information from underground sources here there. By January, 1807, the conflicts in Florida had started to turn in the direction of a full-blown revolt, and soon, it wouldn’t just be the Land of Flowers[6] that would explode…

“This looks to be rather unfortunate for our Madridero overlords. Have they finally stepped on their own feet for once?” Francisco Valenzuela asked, putting down a letter he had recently received, concerning the news in Florida. “Perhaps so. It would be quite the blessing if we did manage to get the word out. Spanish tyranny must come to an end.” Alberto Galvez commented, before taking a sip of a cocoa drink. “Amen to that, amigos! It is time for Mexico to come out onto her own in the world. Let us act, and quickly!” shouted their friend, Orlando Cortez from a little distance. The three men came together on the street corner, next to where Valenzuela’s aunt lived, right then to start discussing their plans for the future. Early that evening, Valenzuela and Galvez would speak to a crowd of dozens in one of the plaza markets.

“Mexico must be freed! The rulers in Madrid, what have they ever gas in dogs stomach really done for us, the Mexican people? Nothing! They have only caused us pain and misery! While we toil for meager scraps, the wealthy haciendados gorge on the richest and most savory food and drink themselves to a blind stupor! It’s time to end the suffering. We must join hands with our brothers in Florida, and make the decision to self-determine our own futures or we shall never have real freedom in our lifetimes, or even those of our children’s! The choice is yours, slavery or freedom?”

A British merchant ship carrying contraband goods by the name of the ‘Mary Louise’ was seized raided by U.S. Federal authorities in Providence, R.I., following notice by a dock worker, in the morning hours of April 15th. This incident is rather noteworthy not only due to the fact that this was the first major gas utility boston seize of a foreign vessel in the U.S., but that this was reportedly one of the catalysts that led Jonathan O’Bannon to create co-found the “Sons of New England” due to the death of a close friend, a Federal official who tried to negotiate with the smugglers.

A New Haven, Connecticut tavern called ‘The Patriot’ was attacked by a group of vigilantes on the afternoon of Nov. 5th . 14 people were to lose their lives, including one of the two chief instigators, who later died from injuries received by having a chair smashed over his head, with all the others being various patrons the head bartender. Robert Harrison, the owner, declined to talk to national newspapers, though he did grant interviews with a couple of local outlets.

On the morning of May 4th , the first major Indian raid on U.S. Territory in years begins when hundreds of displaced Delawares, Maumees, and some Shawnee make their first move, in what will become a 2-month long campaign, by razing, or at least, attempting to raze, several towns in Ohio near the border of the Indiana Territory where many reside, most notably Cincinnati. Raids also go as far as Louisville, Ky. where electricity production by source several Shawnee Indians located and subsequently ransacked a local Army post.

On July 2nd , President Madison discussed with several members of Congress the possibility of a gradual elimination of the Non-Importation Act, due to serious problems with enforcing the law(vigilante actions were a major factor in this) in certain areas, however, the meeting went nowhere, and a few of the pro-embargo senators Congressmen had some rather harsh words on their way out, particularly towards Mass. Senator Timothy Pickering and certain others.

However, though, one good thing does come out of this: On September 23rd the Anti-Vigilantism Protection Act, which had been sponsored by Sen. Pickering and a pair of Congressmen from New York, was signed into law and was to go into full effect by the end of April, 1812. Unfortunately, vigilantism wasn’t going to completely stop for some time, despite the best efforts of honest Federal officials, and eventually, many of were of the consensus that something more might need to be done…