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First, there were the heavy trucks pounding over the road near Alton, Colchester County, and machines digging and spreading gravel. Electricity generation in california Then there was the constant groan and whir of the house-shaking drilling.

Hawks and his wife, Valerie, own a home and an automotive repair business less than a half-kilometre from where Alton Natural Gas Storage LP plans to flush two giant gas storage caverns out of the salt beds 850 metres below ground.

Talk is that two of the three or four wells drilled to flush out salt to produce the originally planned three storage caverns, each about the size of a 25-storey office building and capable of accommodating six billion cubic feet of natural gas, are faulty.

And there’s the perception that the underground site is not a true salt dome and consequently there will be too many other minerals mixed in the salt brine to facilitate the plan by Alton and parent company AltaGas to release the brine into the Shubenacadie River estuary, 12 kilometres from the Brentwood Road site.

“It’s not suitable for gas storage,” Hawks said recently. Ortega y gasset “I don’t know why they keep pushing forward, they’ve had so many setbacks with this that, in my opinion, it’s not going to work or it’s not going to work for long.”

“There are three wells drilled,” Lyons said in an interview. Npower electricity power cut “Two of them, we are going to proceed with. Year 6 electricity The third one was the last one we drilled and it’s too far off the edge of the lot, it’s not that the well is bad or condemned, it’s not a good location. Gas oil mix ratio chart Right now, the plan is to develop two.”

“I think that was the original environmental assessment based on the size of the lease,” said Lyons, who directs environmental health, safety, security and sustainability for the parent company. K gas station jobs He said the market will determine if the company will move beyond the creation of two caverns.

“Twenty-four to 36 months to get both of them done, at which point the brining stops, the cavern site is disconnected from the river site and there is no way to get hyrdrocarbons from the cavern site to the river site. Gas upper stomach This whole operation is short-term. Electricity voltage in paris We are not going to be discharging brine for 50 years or 60 years. Cheapest gas in texas It’s 24 to 36 months and it’s over.”

“Salt beds are non-porous and they are basically the ideal wall for storing natural gas,” Lyons said. Gas utility bill “Ours is purely to store the same quality gas that goes into your house. Electricity usage It’s not sour gas, it’s not right out of the well, it’s already processed and it’s considered sales gas, ready to go.”

“The biggest piece is that it is much safer than an above-ground tank. Electricity transmission loss You don’t have the same level of risk. Gas 2015 An above-ground tank, no matter how well you build them, they are still above ground. 3 gases that cause global warming They are subject to weather, to the elements whereas with this, you don’t have those exposures.”

“If you go down through the earth, there are various formations and layers. Electricity 1800s We are down in the salt layer and above that is lots of rock. Gas bubble in back The cavern will be about 800 metres down, so there is almost a kilometre of rock above it that provides support and seal. Electricity human body Enough space, in support and structure above it, that you don’t have a failure.”

“The comment was made that it is like fracking, it’s really not. Gas up asheville It’s like pouring salt into a bowl and swirling it around with a spoon, there is no pressure involved. A gaseous mixture contains You are using water to naturally dissolve the salt.”

“If you were to pack an ice ball, it’s exceptionally hard, it’s round, it’s consistent, it’s somewhat solid so you can kind of depend on what you are going to find when you drill into it,” Hawks said. Gas vs diesel cars “But if you were to take snowfall, have it melt a little bit, then snow, then melt, then freeze, what you get is a bunch of layers that are full of little crevices, ins and outs and highs and lows. M gasbuddy That’s what this is at best. Electricity voltage in china That’s exactly why they haven’t hit salt where they expected to and they’ve had all sorts of issues with it not working.”

Those who question the safety of underground gas storage can point to January 2001 and the city of Hutchinson, Kan. Q gas station cleveland ohio Gas that had silently collected inside an appliance store ignited while five kilometres away a geyser of gas shot out of the ground. Wd gaster theme Briny water sprayed out of the ground at numerous locations like a perforated water hose and caught fire. Electricity vocabulary words The next day, a plume of gas and water burst through the floor of a mobile home, killing two people. Gas relief while pregnant Hundreds of residents were evacuated for months.

Geologists in Hutchinson determined that the source of the eruptions was an underground gas storage field about 10 kilometres away. Gasbuddy app A local utility had for years stored natural gas in old salt caverns some 185 metres to 275 metres below ground and presumed to be airtight. Electricity symbols worksheet The gas had leaked out and migrated into abandoned injection wells, then shot to the surface.

The gas had done everything that scientists usually describe as impossible, migrating over a large distance and travelling upward through rock to reach the open air.

The Alton caverns will be at a much greater depth than the Kansas storage facility and Lyons said the Alton caverns will be constructed for the specific purpose of storing gas. Kansas gas service bill pay The impermeable composition of the salt walls will not allow leakage, he said.

“It goes to the non-porous nature of the salt formation. La gasolina daddy yankee mp3 And because we are in a salt formation, that is basically all that is there. Electricity around the world There is nothing else exciting. Electricity history in india There are no other chemicals, it is literally salt. Gasoline p When we pump water down in the hole, the salt dissolves. Electricity merit badge worksheet If there is something in there that is not salt, it’s not going to dissolve and it will just fall to the bottom of the cavern.”

Grant Wach, a professor of petroleum geoscience and stratigraphy at Dalhousie University in Halifax, said the cavern site near Alton had been an exploration area for oil and gas in the past.

“So they drilled a well and that’s their evidence for it, existing geologic data,” he said of the company’s insistence that salt beds capable of storing gas exist at the Brentwood Road site.

Without seeing the geological data, Wach said he couldn’t answer questions conclusively but he does not believe it possible that gas stored at a depth of 850 metres could seep into groundwater supplies. U gas hampton Wach also said hollowing out a salt dome should not increase seismic activity in the area.

Meanwhile, Hawks and a group of Brentwood Road residents have filed an action with the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, challenging the industrial approval from the Environment Department. Electricity receiver definition It is one of two pending Supreme Court cases regarding the project. Youtube gas laws The Sipekne’katik Band, located primarily in nearby Indian Brook, is appealing the permit issued by the province in January to allow the brining operation at the river site. Electricity lab activities The company has not said when brining will begin and the Mi’kmaq band’s appeal will be heard in mid-November.