Amateur scouting report moreno, pinto, houston, ecker, rivera – bless you boys gas vs electric water heater cost per year


2. There are no velocity readings for MILB games. This obviously is huge because FB velocity makes a massive difference especially for relief pitchers. I basically have to wait for the announcers to say how fast a pitch was which they don’t do regularly and never do for breaking balls.

Fastball: Moreno throws HARD. They didn’t give velocity the three times I saw him but you could tell he was throwing smoke Just the sound of the ball going into the glove was different. I saw him throw after Funk and Turnbull and even though they both throw hard the ball coming into the glove sounded completely different coming from Moreno. He throws hard but sadly there’s not a lot of arm-side run. He also doesn’t command the FB very well. It’s basically a "here it is, hit it". It’s allowed him to cruise through the minors but he’s hit a wall in AA because AA hitters are good.

SL: Very inconsistent offering. Has a lot of trouble throwing this for a strike and even when he does it doesn’t feature a great break. Seemed to baby it in occasionally. Snapped off a few good ones as a wipeout chase pitch. Other than that had trouble commanding it

Projection: Moreno is already on the 40-man roster and has been hyped as a top RP prospect for a few years now. However, outside of the 1st time I saw him he’s had a poor run in AA. Although he throws hard, the FB is not a dominating pitch on it’s own. His SL needs to basically jump a full grade for him to become anything other than a journeyman. The Tigers have a ton of these guys: RP who hit the high-90’s w/ no command and now good breaking ball. They are yet to develop even one to become a contributor (barring Jimenez continuing to improve). I don’t think that Moreno breaks the streak. They may carry him on the 40 again next year but I would guess he’s gone from the org by 2020.

FB:Almost the same exact profile as Moreno only w/ no CH and a completely unusable SL. The FB is in the high-90’s. No command and not a ton of life or arm-side run. Basically throws it down the middle or misses well out of the zone. Low-A hitters have no chance against it and most swing right through it. Promoted to Lakeland today.

SL: I think he throws a SL. I hope it’s not a CU. I am yet to see him throw one as a strike or as a good chase pitch. Poor shape. Usually misses to the top of the zone or bounces it jerking it to the glove side. I am not good at projecting pitches but it’s pretty bad now.

Projection: Promoted to High-A Lakeland today. May succeed there on strength of his FB but will be decimated by AA hitters. Posting gaudy #;s but has no FB command and the FB does not have run or sink. I think he washes out in AA-AAA like (insert any Tigers RP here, Ravenelee, Voelker, Moreno, Vasquez etc…)

Fastball: Haven’t gotten any readings but according to a source it’s 92-94, 95t. Good pitch. Lots of movement. He’s 6’5" and gets GREAT extension on the pitch. Just watching the games i thought he was throwing in the high-90’s because no one could touch the FB. He was blowing it right by guys and it was just jumping on them. Good pitch. Poor command but it’s not fatal

Projection: Houston has posted video game numbers since being drafted in 2016. Although there were whispers he was hitting the high-90’s apparently he’s settled into the lower-90’s. And therein lies the problem. Although it features movement, the FB is just not good enough to be a high-leverage guy in the pros. If he was hitting the high-90’s he looks like a Blake Treinen clone, in the low to mid-90’s he’s a 7th inning arm. Given up lots of walks but every time I saw him the command was poor but not terrible. Barring him gaining some velo he may stick around but nothing special

Projection: MASSIVE human being. He’s 20 but already in his man body. They drafted him as a RF but I will play RF for the Tigers before he does. He’s been playing at 1B too but he’s probably not a good enough athlete for 1B either. Most likely strictly a DH. He’s got pop and some decent bat to ball skills but his swing looks brutal. I haven’t seen a baseline view but he looks completely off-balance when he swings. Also all the problems associated w/ tall hitters apply here (Rivera is 6’5" or 6’6"). The problem is the Tigers don’t have a good track record of overhauling swings. Since Avila has been w/ the org they’ve struggled mightily developing bats.Rivera was a bad pick in the 2nd rd (even as an underslot to save $ for McMillian) and I don’t see Rivera ever becoming a contributor to the big league team.

Hope you enjoy. I’ll do more when I have time. I watch a lot of AA so I see the Erie pitchers a lot. Of the Erie rotation Funkhouser and Burrows look almost identical but I think Funk has better stuff. I’d say him and Turnbull are the best of the bunch but Baez has the best stuff I think. I haven’t seen a ton of Burrows but I think he and Baez end up in the pen. Turnbull probably does too but Turnbull just needs a little big more command and he’s a solid back-end guy. I think Funk and Turnbull become solid #4 SP. Have to see them more. I also saw Manning and will watch some more of his starts. He’s got good stuff but the command is all over the place and the FB isn’t exactly electric although he throws hard. Hope someone likes this- I appreciate any feedback (even if it’s to tell me I’m way off). Thanks!