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What I mean by exceed is I have been to different beaches in Luzon and I know most of them are somehow incomparable to the virgin beaches of Visayas and Mindanao (I know some of you will not agree but this is just based on my experience and I know there are still lots of places that I haven’t been 9gag instagram videos to). I initially thought of Masasa Beach as the same as the beaches I have been to in Batangas but I was wrong. The place where we stayed in is 2 kilometers away from the beach which is okay for everything you need is near like carinderias (affordable food cafes) and stores. Electricity will also not be a problem. You can charge your phones, GoPro and drones as much as you want. You can also use their refrigerator and kitchen utensils. This will make you worry less electricity quiz grade 9 about bringing so many things on your trip. We arrived there around twelve noon so I told my team we need to maximize the time because we are only there for 2 days and 1 night. We just settled down for a bit then we headed to Masasa Beach riding a tricycle. When we reached the terminal, there is about a 5 to 10-minute walk heading to the beach. We met people walking like penguins and I will tell you later why. LOL! Don’t expect a Boracay beach but Masasa beach is a lot nicer compared to some of the beaches in Batangas and Cavite (I think I already said that and, again, forgive me). Its sand is whiter and the sea is a lot clearer. The beachfront is enough for you to enjoy because of the crystal clear water but we still decided to walk a little more to see the rock formation and mini-lagoon. Of course, the highlight of the day will be the sunset by the beach. We went home walking like penguins maybe because of the sea water that made our legs scratch with friction or probably we are not that fit. Ha ha ha! We spent the night having fun but I highly suggest that you get enough electricity meme sleep if you are planning to have activities the next day. I do not want you to get the headache that I got. The next day is for island hopping. I suggest that you do this on your last day to become the highlight of your trip which it really is. This will bring the energy when you leave the place intact. I got bored during the first 10 minutes of the ride thinking that this is just an ordinary boat ride. It was when the boatman told us that we will circle around the Sombrero Island that got our adrenaline rush. The waves are so strong but we are sure we are safe. This time, he advised that we hide our cameras for it to avoid getting wet the reason why we were unable to take a lot of pictures. After circling the island, we stopped to take pictures of the caves. There is a lagoon there electricity in water clearer than a swimming pool where you can swim with fishlings. You just need to be careful for the rocks and corrals are slippery. The best part? Snorkeling and sea turtle viewing. At first, Almie and Gyra who are with me on the boat, does not want to get off it and I let them be. But when I saw the ocean floor, I enticed them to see it and they did. Too bad, i accidentally set the camera phone to time lapse the reason why I have no footages nor pictures of the sea turtles. 🙁 Overall, the adventure was a nice experience. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy 100 gas vs 10 ethanol a very nice beach. I highly recommend this place for it is near Metro Manila. Try it. I am sure you will also love it.

Best place to stay in Masasa Beach? Her name is Mam Irene (‭09081966763‬), she’s a teacher known in San Juan, Masasa (Niyogan Area). She has a nice place, comfortable and quiet sleeping area, and overall nice person to deal with. Inang Inggay works for Mam Irene, she’s there to help cook your meals, and assist you with anything that you need. IT: Day 1 8:30am – meet up South Station Alabang 9am – take a bus to Batangas Grand Terminal (P127 – 2 hours travel) 11am to 2pm – we waited for a friend. From BGT take a jeep to Anilao Port (P37 – 1 hour travel) 3:45pm – we arrived in Anilao Port and took a public boat to Tingloy Port (P80 + P30 environmental fee – 45mins: last boat trip is 4pm daily) 4:45pm – we took a trike to Mam Irene’s place. 5:30pm – Inang Inggay welcomed us. Free time, Dinner. There’s free videoke until 10pm daily. Transient fee is P300/head/night in our case we paid P600/head. 9pm – lights off. Day 2: 6am – wake up call 7am – breakfast and gas city indiana police department Inang organised a boat ride for our Island Hopping + Awesome Snorkelling + Lagoon + More beach (1500 all in for 3 hours). Snorkelling in Masasa is one of a kind, a must try! 11am – back to the transient, Inang prepared our food ❤️. 3pm – we climbed Mt. Mag-asawang Bato. (P100 per head) The view is majestic! 5pm – beach! 6pm – back to the transient, Inang for the 3rd time cooked our meals. Videoke and few drinks: Done! 12am – lights off. Day 3: 6am – wake up call! 7am to 9am – beach time! 10am – packed our bags going back to Manila. Tip: best time to leave Masasa, no long lines and a lot of boats! (P100 back to Anilao Port 11am – Anilao Port, took a jeep to BGT (P40) 12pm k electric jobs – Bus to Alabang South Station (P127) 2:30pm – Alabang South Station Total ex (less food): P1616.