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We booked Bike It Maui through our hotel. They picked us up at the hotel around 2am for the sunrise tour, made a pit stop to pick up the bikes and for us to pick up coffee/snacks to take with us. Dropped off the bikes at about 6k feet up, then continued our journey to the top of Haleakala for the sunrise. I can’t stress this enough….bring warm clothes…gloves, thick socks, and layers. The only closed toed shoes I brought on the trip were sperry’s and I wore them with NO socks. So stupid. We’re from Chicago and I was freezing! The guys hand out parkas, gloves, and hats thankfully! We got there early enough to get the first choice of where we wanted to stand so we had the BEST view. This was such an amazing experience to see the sunrise. We were lucky enough to have the perfect weather for it. A few clouds but it was the coolest gas block dimple jig sight to see them rising and rolling into the crater. It looked like waterfalls. The Bike was e85 gas stations in houston so thrilling and an experience we will never forget! Our guides are very honest when it comes to their safety talk and instructions…on how to have a good time but also being safe at the same time. Breakfast at the end of it was SO good with another great view of the west Maui mountains. More Show less

My husband and I poured through reviews before settling on a company for a sunrise/bike adventure of Mt. Haleakala. My inner fat kid came out and part of the reason we selected Bike It Maui – in addition to the fabulous reviews, was the fact that a breakfast was included at the conclusion of the bike ride down the mountain. We booked with Petra, who was so easy to deal with, and immediately sent us the confirmation and pick-up time from our hotel in Wailea at 3 AM.We were also asked when we’d arrive in Maui so that we could be called to confirm our pick up time so we could plan accordingly. We were picked up the next morning by Ron, who I cannot speak more highly of. He was warm, personable, and so knowledgeable about Hawaiian culture/the culture and stories of Maui. He had an absolutely contagious laugh and we just wanted to keep talking to him/listening to what he had to say, despite being tired. He had a warmth to him that was so endearing and made for a great start to the morning. We stopped to pick up our guide Manny, who entered into the van with a smile that seemed to be permanently affixed to his face. Happy and genuine are the two words I’d use to describe Manny – even after our tour with Bike It Maui was over, my husband and I kept turning to each other and saying, God, those guys gas quality comparison were awesome and just the nicest people you could ever meet. Being that we’re from the Northeast, my fiance and I thought we were adequately prepared to handle Mt. Haleakala, and arrived with cold gear Under Armour, layers, gloves, hats, and jackets. Manny took one look at us and insisted that we put 5 gases that come from car emissions on extra layers, provided by Bike It Maui (that were clean, and kept us warm(er)). Major lesson learned – trust the locals. We would have frozen if it wasn’t for Manny’s insistence that we bundle up even further, so while I looked like a giant marshmallow, I was at least a little bit less frozen than I would have been. Just advice – it is cold. I do not care where you are from, if you catch a day like we did where the sun doesn’t come up because of cold rain and wind, you are going to be frozen and miserable if you don’t dress warm enough. The company will provide you with extra layers, but it’s not going to be enough if you don’t dress appropriately on your own. Also, to echo other people – hand warmers would have been so clutch, so if you can, definitely pack them. It was raining really heavily, otherwise Manny would have shown us the stars from up that high, which I’m positive would have been gorgeous. We didn’t get a sunrise either due to the rain gas stoichiometry lab, so were a little bit bummed to have missed out on something that is supposed to be so incredible. The bike ride more than made up for the missed sunrise. I cannot describe how incredible the experience was, or how safe I felt throughout it all. I was nervous as we started, because you are driving on a steep mountain with switchback roads and sharp turns that are scary to even drive in a car on. However, Manny took the lead, and staggered the group so that the person he thought would be the slowest was in the front of the pack – we were told that they set the pace, so no one was racing in front of anyone. We kept a single file line, and Ron drove in the back to protect us from traffic, which allowed us to ride in the middle of the road versus try to hug the tiny bike lane. Manny taught us hand signals to show what he wanted us to do, and he and Ron communicated by walkie-talkie so that if a build up of cars was behind him, we could all move over towards the bike lane to allow traffic to pass through. Just a note – a lot of the tour companies that we saw provided bikes for people, and that was it. They were on their own to independently get down the mountain and handle traffic themselves. The bike ride was truly one e payment electricity bill maharashtra of the best things I’ve done in my entire life. It’s one of those things that you can’t fully understand until you experience it. With Bike It Maui, you really can capture that experience since they stop and take as many pictures as you want (some staged, which are awesome). Manny took is seriously taking pictures from many angles to get the best shots, and we will treasure those pictures forever. After the bike ride, your day doesn’t end – your order is taken when you reach the bottom of the mountain, and then Ron drove us to breakfast at a country club. My husband and I thought it wouldn’t be the greatest of breakfasts, but it was really delicious, and we sat with a mountain view. Everyone at our table commented on how good the food was, and how surprised we all were by that. All in all, this was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I am so glad we went with Bike It Maui, and cannot say enough how absolutely incredible Ron and Manny were. Mahalo for the adventure of a lifetime – hopefully we can do it again on a return trip to Maui!

Everyone told us we should watch the sunrise from the top of Haleakala and do the two hour bike down the mountain side. So we went with the top gas in babies rated outfit and it was worth it. Our guides Mike and Rodney were awesome. Funny, knowledgeable and easy going. Exactly what you want in Maui. They picked us up at 2:50am at the Andaz, hit a few other nearby hotels for more folks, and then headed to the crater at top of Haleakala. Two hour journey total. We dressed warmly (jeans, long sleeve shirts and hoodies) but fortunately they brought plenty of AMAZING jackets, windpants, woolen hats and gloves. Because while waiting on the craters edge for the sun to crack at the horizon, it is FREEZING. But they shRe some star gazing knowledge, crack some jokes, and make sure you get Orien viewing spots against z gas el salvador numero de telefono the railing. Then BAM! The sun peaks over the horizon in a riot of orange, reds, blue and purple! Gorgeous! We head down the mountain a bit where bikes await, don our helmets and begin the ride down. Gorgeous! Stop a few times down to shed the cold Aether gear as it’s now warming up. Through forests, past lava fields, past farmland and even a few residential areas. Great experience. Be prepared to ride fast and stick together. Faint of heart can ride back in the van that’s trailing the group. Then decent breakfast with group at the end. All included. Highly recommend Bike It Maui!

When we started planning for Maui we knew we wanted to do the sunrise and bike trip down Haleakala. We looked at several bike companies. We debated over a self-guided tour or and fully guided one. In the end we were SO GLAD we went with the guided tour. The experience, attention to detail, and focus on safety were all excellent. The great service started as soon as we called to book the trip. The woman who managed the phones and reservations was SOOO friendly and attentive. This helped us get excited before we ever left home. Mike and Aaron were our guides and they made this trip super-memorable. They picked electricity physics us up on time (yes it was VERY early, so do this on your second day if you are coming from the mainland US). After pickup we stopped at a local store to pick up breakfast snacks (bring extra money). This was nice to get what we wanted vs some places that pass around a box of whatever they picked for you. After this brief stop it was time to drive up to the top. I think the drive took about an hour, but the conversation with the guides made it pass quickly. During the sunrise they got us over to a great viewing spot and gave us tips for good photos, history of the crater, etc. They provided jacket, pants, hats, and gloves to help us stay warm. Tip: dress warm for the morning, you can leave stuff in the van on the way down electricity cost in california. After the sunrise we lingered at the top for a few minutes to see the visitor center, use the restroom, and take some pictures from other locations. Then it was back to the van to head out of the park and start the bike ride. As a guided tour gas meter in spanish one of the guides drove the van at the rear to protect the group and the other guide rode the bike in front to set a safe pace. We stopped and a few locations for pictures. The ride is easy (very little pedaling effort needed), but you need to be comfortable on a bike since you do go fairly fast in spots – but not so fast as to be in-safe. The guides do give the option to ride in the van at any point if you don’t feel safe. After we concluded the bike we stopped for breakfast, which our tour included, not sure if they all do. For us we stopped at a golf course restaurant and had a full hot breakfast. A great way to end the adventure before being dropped back at the hotel. We started before 3am and arrived back before noon. We would 100% recommend this to anyone who wants a little adventure on Maui.