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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! We booked our excursion to Pig Island and the way it all went was very disappointing. First they said the same pick up time to everyone even though the people that were going lived on different parts of the island. This resulted in that we (who were the first to be picked up) sat on the bus for over 2 hours (remember the island is small) and people were calling the bus driver asking him where he was. The boat left the harbour late (of course) and after a quick stop at the iguanas the captain managed to get the boat stuck gas efficient cars under 15000 on a sandbank in the middle of nowhere! For 2 hours we tried to push the boat and get it unstuck. During this time it became clear that the captain (and the other guy working) had absolutely no idea what they were doing! When we finally managed to get the boat unstuck we had to switch to another smaller boat with a new captain. The other boat barely had enough room for all the passengers so it was uncomfortable. Because of the lost time and because the boat couldn’t drive when it was dark they had g gas lol to cut down the time on Pig Island to about 5 minutes! THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISE AND NOT WHAT WE PAID FOR! They also had to skip some of the other activities because of the time. All of this could have been avoided by having competent staff and better planning. We have contacted the company and asked about a refund but they have ignored us completely! Seems like they just want us to give up. To make things even worse they charged for 2 people from our group that cancelled before the trip and was promised a level physics electricity questions and answers to not be charged! I have more negative things to say about this trip but I don’t want to spend any more energy on it. STAY AWAY!

So let me start from the beginning…a month before my tour I got a call saying I would need to take a plane because there were not enough people…that’s ok except I was a month out???? When I went over my confirmation they realized even though they booked it they had the wrong date…I then made sures I was on the trip that included iguanas, pigs, and nurse sharks (since they obviously weren’t sure I thought I would make sure v gas station. They said yes, told me to make sure I was outside my hotel at 8am sharp…fast forward to the day before my excursion. I received a confirmation email saying exactly what was above. Day of trip I was outside exactly as stated at 745am… 805 I called them as no one was there to pick us up. They said that they had sent an email earlier that grade 9 electricity morning and I was supposed to walk to harbor… since tout was getting ready to leave they would go ahead and have the driver turn around and get us..(funny I never got an email and he was supposed to do that all along.) the driver got there miffed that he had to come back and somehow this was my fault? Once on the boat there was a family of 8 that had a paid confirmation in their hands..the captain said there were only supposed to be 4 and there wasn’t enough room..needless to say they squeezed them on…now the boat was over packed by 4 people…normally not a big deal except they stated that it was on hour trip there and an hour back…(that is completely false!!!) what they should say is is an hour to the first stop..( which only lasts 15 min with iguanas) then an hour and a half again to the next stop..(which was on,y 25 min with pigs) then 45 min to the next stop which was a 30 min lunch..then an hour and a half to the next stop (which was 15 min electricity usage in the us at a sand bar) then an hour and a half return….They did not go to the nurse sharks( our captain said it had to be a unanimous decision and would cost 10.00 pp more to do that..even thought 6 of us asked..since it was supposed to be part of the tour) ..he didn’t even ask anyone and the unanimous decision apparently was his…so…having said that be prepared to spend 5.5 hours in a packed boat depending on the season to spend 40 min with nature…for almost 400 per person. So in review..if you want to see it fly there electricity physics test..not worth that amount..and they don’t know what they are doing

The tour is amazing! The places we visited are to die for. BUT several things must be addressed. I’ve been to The Bahamas before and Im completely aware of what “island time” means but gosh they were supposed to pick us up at 730 and they came at 845. We made it to the port and everything was super slow. We even had a delay because tgey forgot the ice for our beverages. We left gas unlimited houston on a boat at around 10 AM and 2 mins into thr boat ride the boat broke down and wd had to go back luckily the owner drove us all to another port to ride with another company, so that was good plus we didn’t have to pay for the difference as the tour with the other company was more expensive. We started the tour at around 11. We made the best out of the tour and haf a great time with the other tourists. I think the term “unlimited” drinks needs to be changed as that didn’t happen. About friendliness, well bahamians are not very warm and always have a flat affect but once you talk to them they warm up! Some guest said they felt the staff were rude and made them feel unwelcomed… we vistited all the spots excep the sunken drug plane. Another types of electricity pdf thing, the tour is not narrated so if you want to know about the places your stopping by well you’re pretty much on your own. Lunch is not included and nor is the fee to “swim” with the sharks!