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I had done a lot of research prior to booking and had contacted Red Planet (no response from them). Jose was quick to respond and answered all my questions. We booked 3 days 2 nights.They picked us up at the airport and drop you off when the tour is complete. The driver electricity khan academy Marcus was excellent, very responsible and kept us safe in the varied terrain. Our guide Luis spoke excellent English. He was great the first 2 days helping us take photos and great explanation of sites. However on the 3rd gas and supply okc day I was very upset. Luis was drunk and was unable to talk. Marcus (driver) had to keep reminding him to put on his seat belt even stopping to help assist with the seat belt that Luis kept removing. I felt nervous so I said nothing during the ride. The Land cruisers are well maintained. You spend a lot of time driving in extreme hot weather with the sun beaming into the vehicle – unable to open windows due to dust and no AC. Food was very good. Accommodations were great the first night and the second night electricity invented it was very basic a place of refuge with 1 toilet for 12 people, 3 drivers, and 2 guides. Unfortunately a lot of time in spent in the car and not much time spent at the sites. Unfortunately this is the only way to get out to see the salt flats, lagoons, etc.

The 3 day tour was fantastic and for the price, well worth it. The scenery is incredible and like nothing else you will see. The guides know their stuff and seem very knowledgeable. The drivers speak limited English but were all very friendly. The cars were in good gas laws worksheet condition minus a crack in the windscreen, but we saw some with totally bald tyres and 1 car we saw only had 2 wheel nuts on one car! The food they supplied was very nice, although it’s probably best to bring some snacks and at least 4L of water for the trip. The guide we had, although very knowledgeable, did get quite boring. He seems to love his geology, which if you like that this would be perfect. We however didn’t, and we weren’t really interested in different types of rocks. I would have preferred more time gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 for taking pictures. Also, although we were told we would get an English speaking guide, he was in a different car to us. I feel we would probably have had more time at the stops if he was actually with us all the time. The journey on day 1 was fine, although if you’re in a car of 6, the back seats are not comfortable in the slightest. This is by far the coolest day. Salt flats, then awesome sunset. We also did a 40 min hike around an island with cactuses on it that cost us Bs. 30 to walk around. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have bothered. Once you’ve seen one cactus, you’ve seen on q gas station okc them all. Accommodation was good, rooms of 2 or 4, hot water, showers, good meal. Day 2 was on a lot of bumpy dirt tracks, learning about different rock formations and the different lagoons. We saw flamingos in the wild which was quite cool. Got to see the red lagoon as well before paying Bs. 150 to enter the national park. I honestly don’t know what this money pays for, but it’s certainly not gas efficient suv 2013 the roads. After a few more stops we arrive at an unfinished building which was our accommodation for the night. This has no electricity, hot water or showers. 1 toilet to share between about 25 people. The floor in the bedrooms is literally just gravel. It’s not pleasant, however the spirits of the group were high so we made the most of it. We swam in the hot lagoon and looked at the most amazing view of the stars before a very cold nights sleep. Day 3 is either a transfer to Chile or the drive back to Uyuni. It’s very long and bumpy back to Uyuni e85 gas stations in iowa. There are a few cool stops on the way, but it’s mostly a long uncomfortable drive. If you don’t mind putting up with uncomfortable roads and slumming gas zone pricing it for one night, it’s well worth the money. Bring sun lotion and make sure to put it on. It’s quite cold so you don’t notice that your burning. Bring warm clothing and base layers, the 2nd night gets to freezing or below. Hats and gloves are handy. Sunglasses, towel, toilet roll, camera, toys for the perspective pictures in the salt flats, swimwear for the hot springs, and a bandana or scarf or something, the roads get very dusty.