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If you travelling to Cambodia you will have a million opportunities to go to shooting ranges, every tuk tuk driver will beg you to have them take you, but if you’re doing a bit of research then make sure you book in with Steven and head out with his company. Right from the planning two months prior, Steven electricity usage by appliance was in constant contact with me throughout and when we arrived gas near me app in Cambodia he was straight in touch and said he would pick me up at an allocated time straight from our motel and he was there on time as promised, which is no small feat coming into Khmer New Years when traffic is ridiculous. Off we went and right from stepping into the car everything was just done right. On the travel out he explained how everything operated and what to expect. My main desire was to fire the Bazooka (FYI you must do) and while on the drive he explained best scenario for a great explosion by the amount of gas tanks needed gas pump heaven for best flames but also accuracy, explaining the bigger the target, the more likely I was to hit, but also stressed that not everyone will so not to get despondent as there are still ways to make it blow. At the range we were greeted by friendly Cambodians who not only explained the whole firing process but set up cameras and also my phone to do recordings and photos for the experience. After the briefing, time to fire and yep, I missed, nerves and excitement saw me fall just short of the gas symptoms gas barrels but it was one of the biggest rushes of my life, and like Steven had said, didn’t let it get to me, they just gas zombies black ops rearranged the barrels and I then smoked them with the beast. I got my explosion, after that we all just spent the rest of the day firing all the other weapons, slaughtering coconuts and plates and getting our fill of pictures and videos. Thanking the guys on the range we headed back to the hotel watching our videos and smiling about the experience. If you have made it through my novel thanks, to sum it up this was a great experience and I implore you to do your research and contact Steven for a booking as you would not find better and like Steven told us right static electricity human body causes from the start if you’re investing this kind of money to fire weapons, you want it to be done right and honestly it was. Thanks once again Steven and hope you readers have a crack at it, once in a lifetime b games virus indeed.

Subject: Cambodia Extreme Outdoor Shooting Range Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Asia Title: AWESOME!!! Steve and crew are fantastic !! ID#: 357099194 Hello all, This was my first time to Asia . My itinerary was Phnom Phen and Angkor wat Cambodia ( I’m a history buff) and Phuket Thailand ( phi phi islands)to scuba dive. Well I was watching the travel channel and came across a show about shooting grade 9 electricity unit review RPG’S?? So I did my research and came across Mr. Steven Lache He answered all my questions . And after talking with him on the phone I was definitely reassured I was dealing with a professional . I arrived in Phnom Phen and Steven and Piseth his business partner were at the airport waiting for me . On the drive to the range I was instructed on every weapon I would be using and all gas or electricity more expensive safety procedures . Upon arrival we went through numerous practice runs to familiarize me with the weapons and aiming and what to expect as far recoil etc. My first shot was using the RPG and I hit the fuel drums dead on !!! It Was Amazing !!! Unless you have shot one it’s hard to explain except pure adrenaline rush !!! I then proceeded to shoot the 50 cal which was great as well electricity year invented. Then the Rambo gun m60 was the hardest but they took the time to teach me to range in and Knocked out the plates they had lined up. Then the full auto m60 while standing up was sweet the only thing I forgot electricity production by state was my Rambo mullet ( I meant to buy one before I left the states) !! Also the film they edit for you is amazing !! Steven is the best guide I’ve ever had . If your going to Cambodia make sure and contact him ! Thanks again Steven for a amazing time!! Best regards , Scott Burkhardt