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My family of four spent 5 days in Negombo and toured the surrounding areas by taking daily trips. Milan was our driver and tour guide as well. From the beginning, Indika was very accommodating and helped structure our unstructured itinerary. We were pleasantly electricity generation capacity surprised by the cleanliness of the city and countryside, the excellent condition of the roads and the friendly people. During our daily excursions, Milan honored or accommodated all of our requests: found deals electricity kwh cost on stuffed animals and other merchandise, avoided tourist traps, got us fresh fruits of all kinds that are in season, maximized routes to see the most in short amount of time, and found best lunch experience. He spoke excellent English and addressed (and explained) inquiries from us tourists with an infectious smile electricity vocabulary. He was well mannered and very trustworthy. He was a great driver pass gas in spanish extremely skilled in navigating the roads and the local driving style. Despite the stop/go his foot is light to the gas brake pedals. We were very pleased with Milan’s service and would have him again when we visit. We were happy that the professional and caring national gas average 2007 team of Indika and Milan were able to share Sri Lanka with my family. There was not any time that we felt uncomfortable or threatened or feared for our safety. Indeed, an amazing experience. More Show less

I had a great experience with Tour Driver in Sri Lanka (April 6-13, 2016). We were two couples, and I was in charge of planning the trip, so I chose the hotels and determined the itinerary for electricity kwh usage calculator our 8-night stay after much research. But like many who travel to Sri Lanka, I also thought it would be best to hire a driver to accompany us for the trip. After much research, I narrowed it down to a few choices, and this company (and the gentleman who runs it, Indika) had great reviews, so they were one 7 gas laws of the companies I contacted. Setting things up with Indika was very easy – he was very responsive and answered all my questions. We were hoping to hire Indika as our driver, as he was personally very well reviewed, but he was unavailable, so he referred b games car us to one of the gentlemen he works with, Asanka, who also had sgas belfast his own positive reviews, which I found very reassuring, so we went with Asanka. Prior to the trip, Indika explained what the costs would be, how payment could be handled (we ended up just paying up front for two days at a time starting with when we first met Asanka, with an additional $10 per night for hotels we chose that did not have driver accommodations), he answered questions I had about our itinerary wikipedia electricity consumption, he gave us his contact information in case we needed anything, and when Asanka first picked us up, he called me to let me know that if there is anything he can do for us, just reach electricity billy elliot backing track out to him. The vehicle was a large Nissan min-van. It was clean, air conditioned, and comfortable. Asanka was everything I was hoping for in a driver/tour guide (which is something that really can make or break a trip like this). His English was good, he was personable, he was knowledgeable, he didn’t push an agenda, he was very concerned electricity out in one room with what we wanted to do and see, and he had very good suggestions when we needed more guidance. He definitely went out of his way to help provide us a fuller experience. For example, at one city, he invited our group to travel into a village and visit with his uncle’s family. He also brought us some homemade toddy (fermented palm wine) from his uncle’s farm. At another gas x coupon 2015 city, he invited us to have dinner prepared by the family he was renting his room from (nothing like a home-cooked meal!). Those types of things definitely enriched our trip. Overall, Asanka is a good man who seemed to enjoy connecting with tourists and wanted to do his best to make sure those who visit Sri gas efficient suv 2015 Lanka enjoy themselves.