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I visited TAYSP in Nov 2015 and studied with Rich for about 6 sessions. Where I live in Australia, there is no Ashtanga sha, so I needed a boost for my personal home practice…and I got it! I landed in Phuket and stayed at the gas works park hotel where the shala is located and travelled to Koh Phagnan on the moon day to practice more. It was my first time visiting Thailand, so I was electricity in salt water super excited to get out of the city and see the island, but upon reflection, if I had stayed at TAYSP I would have experienced a deeper shift in my practice in the short 2 weeks time that I had. I have never been to India to practice, but I really got the feeling that I was connected to the source in Rich’s classes! He was strict in an encouraging way that was extremely satisfying by the end of lractice. My body quickly opened c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut up and safely went further in postures than ever before. I received many super great adjustments that completely changed my understanding of the practice! When I returned from Koh Phagnan, I only had gas youtube one more oppto practice with Rich so we organised a private class. I am so greatful that I did! Together with the other 10 days of practicing…it was exactly the boost to my practice I was looking for. I hope to return again! Thank you!

Originally I planned la t gastrobar opiniones to go to India to do an ashtanga course thinking it would be more authentic but 1 month YTT courses made me question the quality of teaching, knowing it takes a lot longer if you don’t practice on a regular basis. Gladly I decided to return to TAYSP and do an intense 4 week course. Having first met Rich and Sofiya the year before, I absolutely fell in love with their classes. If you want to take yoga to the next level (beginner or advanced) and are willing what is electricity to put the effort in, this is the place for you. They will adjust your practice accordingly with your skill level. The course itself is much more than just yoga practice, you also learn many different breathing techniques, theory, philosophy, history, anatomy, therapy, cleansing techniques…so you learn to see and gas leak los angeles california understand the whole picture what the yogi lifestyle is about. It was undoubtably challenging but also very rewarding. You will hp gas online booking phone number learn a great deal of self discipline and most importantly how to get the most out of it. They are great tutors, and know your body better than you do. My favourite part is the adjustments, you can quickly see changes knowing you are in safe hands. I also opted in for the detox option in addition to the intense yoga course to maximise the effect hoping to solve my digestion problems and it did! After 18 months of suffering with bloating, bowels, excessive eating etc and having visited specialists in 4 different countries none of which were able hp gas online booking to help, I finally know what’s it’s like to feel normal after every meal. Some of the detoxing gas hydrates techniques I was very reluctant to try at the beginning but having seen the benefits, I even started looking forward to them. Whatever health issues you may have, the diet and practice will be tailored to focus on improvement of those areas. One of the best things about the course i have electricity in my body is that the techniques you learn, you are able to continue to use them once you leave. Thank you so much! I’m so grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done and taught me. Hope to see you again in near future for YTT 😀