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We joined the 3-day tour in March 2016. There were all together 20 members in our tour group, but we all squeezed in a 21-seat minibus and with all the baggages placed zyklon b gas canister for sale at the rear side of the minibus. Our guide was very friendly and nice. He sometimes told us history and stories about the country, but not often. In Day 1, we went to the Golden Circle with the first stop at the Thingvellir National Park. We were given enough time to walk along the famous landscape as well as to take pictures. After that, we were brought to the Geysir hot spring area, where we also had our lunch there. Gullfoss (the Golden waterfall) came next. Our guide also took an extra non-scheduled stop for us to have a close look to the Icelandic horses, which we found them very gas x directions friendly and beautiful. We then went to the Seljalandsfoss to finish up our first day schedule. In the second day, we delayed a bit our schedule due to the snowing weather. We was told that the ice caving activity was cancelled (last minute notice) due to the risk of ice collapse in the cave. We all felt disappointed even though they promised to have this activity be refunded to us. Well! Safety is always the first priority. So, we went to the black sand beach at Vik directly. We passed by a lava field which is claimed to be the homes for the elves. After that we went to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon where we found little iceberg in the lagoon which is another disappointment to us. However, we were compensated to view few sea seals swimming in the lagoon. Our hiking shoes came in handy now. We hired the hiking shoes from them. We also went to the Systrafoss (Sister Falls) before we finished up the schedule for the day. The guide also brought us up to the top side of the fall, where there are two lakes up there, to have a panorama view of the area. We all could see the northern light just beside our hotel on the second night. That’s so amazing! In Day 3, we started our trip in the ice beach at the gas upper stomach Jökulsárlón, where we found a lot of ice in different amazing big and small shapes. We all had a great time there. What a fun! After lunch, we started to equip youtube electricity ourselves to go to the glacier. The glacier trip was not so great as most of the time were just waiting for the other tour members to practice and follow the instructions from the glacier guide. We end up our whole trip at the Skógafoss before we went back to Reykjavik. We arrived Reykjavik around 9:30 pm. Overall, we found the whole trip was worth for money and the schedule is packed with variety of sight-seeing places.

We did the 2-day South Coast Ice Cave tour with Extreme Iceland. The sites were all beautiful – especially the ice cave. I thought our guide, Jonas, was good but not great. He was very nice and funny, but he hardly told us any facts about the country or any stories etc. (The point of booking a guided tour as opposed to going yourself is to have someone GUIDE you and give you information.) He did give us enough time at each gas 76 station stop and didn’t make us feel rushed at any of the stops. We got to see the northern lights right from the hotel and thankfully the ice cave wasn’t flooded, so we got to go to that too! The second night driving back to Reykjavik, it was determined very early on that there would be no chance to see the lights, so Jonas drove us straight back to the city. We were back in Reykjavik by 8:30pm, which seemed very early and rushed (on the site it says you get back 9pm-1am). Especially considering we were a couple hours behind schedule in the morning, due to a much longer-than-normal trek to the ice cave because of the road conditions. We did make a second stop back at Seljalandsfoss on the way back to Reykjavik so that we could walk behind the waterfall (couldn’t the first day because of the rain) but I would have loved to stop at the black sand beach again instead. It was unbearably windy and rainy there the first day and none of us got to really appreciate it. There’s so many waterfalls, but grade 9 electricity review the beach is one-of-a-kind, so making a second stop at one of the several waterfalls we stopped at, instead of the black sand beach, seemed kind of silly. Plus, it seemed like there was plenty of time to ALSO make a stop at the beach on the second day since we got back to Reykjavik so early. Overall, definitely a great experience and the sites are beautiful, but when you’re paying so much for a guided tour, there’s a level of expectation that I can’t say was totally met.

I travelled with a friend to Iceland from Mar 19-26, I was the one to book 3 tours with EI for the both of us – 2D Mar 21 Snaefellsness peninsula auroras with guide Anders (if I got it right) nickname Wolf, 2D Mar 23 Jokulsarlon ice caving with guide Steinpor o goshi Olafsson, 1D Mar 25 Golden Circle surprise with guide Teitur Torkelsson. The weather was very varied daily within the same day during our visit tours, 2D to Snaefellsness was heavy rain strong wind, 2D Jokulsarlon saw 1 sunny day at the Skogafoss waterfall where we were blessed with double rainbows the next day at Jokulsaron, Skaftafell Vatnajokulspjodgardur National Park with light snowing, 1D Golden Circle was bright sunny in the morning but became gray chilly later. For 5D we chased for auroras but bad weather made it not ideal for us. As such, having a good guide is extremely important, will make or break the entire experience. These guides would tell stories about history, culture, demographic, economic, Icelandic animals, landscape, geography, climate, food, green energy, flora fauna gas refrigerator not cooling, everything anything along the long coach ride, but it is precisely this that gave us some insight of true Iceland people along the way vs self-drive. The way Steinpor described his childhood family Christmas festive (decoration, food, clothes, presents etc) we were teleported thru time could feel witness them all in our mind). Teitur is very into sustainable green renewable energy, and our day spent with him saw many exchange discussion about this. Also electricity images cartoon some guides would go the extra mile to give us additions not in the itinerary like seeing the Icelandic horse up close personal along the way. As the ice caves were closed during our South visit (last minute notice), Steinpor brought us 2.5hrs hiking to glacier at Vatnajokulspjodgardur as add-on. (EI is to refund us for the ice caving, hopefully soon). Teitur brought crampons big torchlights he brought us down into a cave where some scene of Batman movie was taken, again this was extra. Big electricity of the heart kudos to Steinpor Teitur. Do watch out for the dry Icelandic humor. Along the way we witnessed the Icelandic spirit to help others – Teitur went round to find borrow spade for a PRC family whose car was stuck in snow at 1 of our stops, Steinpor skipped his dinner to get fuel jump cable for another guide whose mini bus was stuck with full passenger load on our way back to Vik. I would recommend to go with Extreme Iceland for your tours all while in Iceland. We rented their boots after reading some comments on TripAdvisor, and they were well worth it. In the event EI did not refund us for the cancelled ice caving, I will post on TA later.