Amazing health benefits of fresh wheatgrass juice u gas cedar hill mo

Feedback on Wheat Grass and HSV: I heard about the benefits of wheat grass and decided to grow my own and I bought the spring seeds, they were not as strong tasting as the winter wheat seeds. It took about 2 weeks from seed to harvest and I began taking 2oz. Or around 60ml a day, every day. Within 3 months I noticed I had not had an hsv outbreak since I began the wheatgrass. All the food products that seem to cause hsv ob, I was able to eat, I love nuts, but have not been able to eat them for years. Now, it didn’t seem to be a problem. I wasn’t sure if I was cured or if the wheatgrass was just keeping the ob from happening. Winter came and I stopped taking the wheatgrass. The outbreaks came back. Not as bad, but they are there. I’m going to continue wheatgrass again, because I was enjoying not having to worry about what was in foods that someone else prepared. It was very freeing. Wheatgrass straight, does not taste great, but chased with pear juice, apple juice or carrot juice, it is palatable and the benefits out way the taste. Most juice bars serve wheat grass, you just don’t know how fresh the cut grass is. I hope this post is most helpful. Take care and God bless

Hi Ted, I have been reading most of the posts and your replies (thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, time and experience) and I will certainly give a try to some of yours suggestions (Bicarbonate citrus lime). But before I do so, I need to ask you a few more questions.

1. I recently read a lot about wheat grass. It is very popular here in Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand). But what I read about is what the companies or distributors say, of course they highly praise their product. I am 68 and since a month I have high blood pressure (up to 140-150). It’s family history. I would like to know if I could really find relieve with wheat grass(I don’t mention brand names)

For the first time of my life I feel I am at a very, very important crossroad. I now need to take the right turn. To help you better understand my situation: Alcohol, although I quit reasonable taking, was surely an issue. I tried several times to lose weigh without success (now 80kg). I don’t smoke and do regular biking and walking. I take one aspirin a day, and my diet is mainly fruits and vegies (I removed a lot of meat from my menu). I love extra virgin olive oil, one homemade yogurt a day and homemade bread. I don’t know what else to change.

Before I decide to spend too much money with any miracle solution (grass or detox), I would like to know if what you propose (Bicarbonate citrus lime) would be sufficient in my case or whoever in a similar situation. Should I go for grass or detox?

1. Insomnia – must take it seconds before tucking into bed and closing your eyes, if using it in a capsuled form (powdered) then you have about 5-10 minutes before you must be in bed eyes closed beginning to sleep, the result is a deep unbroken and healthy sleep from which you wake up energized and clear headed. For some this takes up to 3-4 days.

2. Acne, my daughter had infant acne and some minor rash like effect on her back and legs, going and coming but never leaving completely. After several weeks of using 1/2 a shot this went away, my daughter likes veggies even more than before and even asks for wheatgrass juice or other veggie juices.

3. My wife had rough skin that seemed to harden into tiny little hard points and she was getting more and more self conscious about it. When we started our daughter (#2 above) on wheatgrass juice I insisted she use some to and this slowly turned this rough skin around and now its smoother than ever.

4. My wife used to take all sort of greens and get stomach aches no matter how little or what brand and when we finally tried wheatgrass juice she said she got no aches, no pains and she loved how easy it was to take and the energy she herself got.

A friend called me up and mentioned that my suggestion to use wheatgrass juice got her in trouble. She had one of her employees use it for about a week and that employee got pregnant. The employee said she had been trying to conceive for over a year and finally gave up and after a week on wheatgrass juice almost immediately conceived. She asked me if that could happen and I told her about the common remedy for infertile cattle.

Wheat grass besides drinking..A place In San Diego cures Cancer with the implant of wheatgrass juice via Enema.. It cleans your insides.You can see the layer after layer of crude that has accumulated on the walls of your inside..Gets your inside breathing and absorbing the good food you give to it. Good for gals Douche.. It is very sensitive liquid.. Put into your eyes, your nose, your ears.. Heals everything. Also if you have growth on your body that is not healing.. Take the pulp of the wheatgrass.. Put over the growth.. attache with masking tape.. few days latter growth gone. People go to this health Institute.. I think Ann Wigmore had something to do with this place in the fourties.. People go there for last resort.. when Doctors says you have one month to live.. Most of those people are alive today because of the wheatgrass.. I have been twice to this place for a tune up. Maybe that why I do not have a pain in my body at 83yrs.. also my bone density normal.. only taking HA pill that reverses the aging process.. Health #1 Alfred