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Antonio is very efficient at running this lodge. We arranged for our 4 day, 3 night trip electricity 1 7 pdf by email and paid for it once we got to Manaus. We arrived by boat from Tefe and were met by Wesley who took us to a cash machine and then to our hotel. A taxi picked us up the next morning promptly at 7:20 and took us to the hostel where we were joined by three other couples. We were then loaded into a van and driven about 2 hours to the Urubu River and transported to the lodge. The cabins are very nice with window screens and private bathrooms with cold water showers. The outings were enjoyable and informative. The guides were friendly (some more than others) if not occasionally a bit speedy q gas station sarcastic. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We opted out of the over night jungle stay. This was no problem for the staff and we had a relaxing time paddling around in the canoe on our own and watching the sunset from the tower. The food selection didn’t vary from day to day but was good and there was an endless supply of drinking water provided. Although there aren’t many mosquitoes, there are however many other bugs that bite. So definitely bring bug spray if you are sensitive to bug bites. It’s not a zoo, so you may or may not see many animals. After our stay, a boat picked us up and the driver took us to a bus stop and made sure we got on the bus and even specjalizacja z gastroenterologii told the bus driver which stop we need to get out. There we were greeted by a taxi and taken back to our hotel. This process was run like a well oiled machine electricity outage in fort worth. Great job Antonio.

We spent 3 days and 2 nights on an Amazon Antonio Jungle Tour. We spent one night in a cosy private cabin at the eco friendly lodge and one in the jungle. The expeditions included canoeing around the flooded forest, caiman spotting, piranha fishing (very successful!), jungle trekking, bird and wildlife spotting and swimming. Our guide Francisco was multi ligual and made the trip so much more rewarding and interesting, he was funny, knowledgable and experienced and kept out expectations of seeing jaguars, anacondas and 5m caimans in check! Although we didn’t see a huge amount of wildlife up close, what we did see was very special and the overall jungle experience was awe inspiring. The lodge is solar powered and genuinely eco friendly yet the food served is top notch including freshly caught electricity questions for class 10 river bass and piranhas! We would whole heartedly recommend one of the Amazon Antonio Jungle Tours, to anyone wanting to get a taste of the Amazon, but if you want up close and personal encounters with the wildlife then make it one of the longer gas and water socialism trips!

We did 4days/3nights with Antonio Jungle Tour and it was awesome. The lodge itself is really great and comfortable with plenty of amenities (even electricity in the evening since they use a solar panel). The food was awesome (buffet style) with different dishes every day. The activities were really good (particularly the spear fishing at night and the night camping in the jungle). I saw a person rating this place with 2 stars because of the rain! What a stupid review seriously. You go to the rain forest during the rainy season, I don’t see how it could be the fault of Antonio if you had a wet experience. You want to swim with dolphins, go to SeaWorld in Florida don’t come to the Amazon. We did swim in the river, the water was great and safe and if you are quiet and do it early in the morning, dolphins come close to you (about 30 meters). But gas zeta costa rica hey, it is nature, sometimes they come, most of the time they don’t! If you travel to Manaus and want a glimpse of how life could be in the Amazon forest, don’t miss the opportunity to do this tour!! It is worth it and it is by far the cheapest serious tour in the area!!

We spent a week with Ramerio as our guide in two different eco electricity nightcore systems of the Amazon. From the moment we got off the plane in Letcia, Colombia with Antonio waiting with a name card to the good bye with Antonio dropping us off, there was nothing missed. Ramerio grew up in the jungle, and his life is the jungle. His English is great, he’s fun and funny. He was with us every step of the jungle. We saw wild life and swam with the pink dolphins of the Amazon. This is not a resort type of a tour. The facilities are rustic. You are camping in the jungle in huts, not at the Ritz! The cooks take great pride in serving traditional food and the fruits and juices will be something you will never forget or get in the U.S. Europe or where ever you live. The ultimate experience was our last night. After hiking into the jungle electricity and magnetism equations we set up camp sleeping in hamocks with a special bug netting. The camp meal was great. After Ramerio took us to a special spot in the jungle to see the jungle floor light up. Words can not explain all the experiences we had during this week in the Amazon. Our group was my wife, 17 year old son and myself with only one other person. It was like a personal guided trip in the Amazon. EVERYONE, associated with Amason Jungle Tours is a class act. We can only hope we can return for electricity outage chicago another week plus!! I would change nothing.