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Myself and my boyfriend did our Open Water here, and I also did my Advanced in August 2011. I had Anna as an instructor gas density at stp for my OW and most of my Advanced (I was ill one day so joined another group to complete the course. Anna was fantastic in just about every respect; she took charge of some pretty unruly guys in the group and made every dive fun and informative. She also seemed able to answer my many questions!! Big Blue as a whole were also excellent with my boyfriend, who was having trouble with breathing with the apparatus. They took him out on a one on one a couple of times and were very patient with him. The Negatives: The girls at reception were EXTREMELY unhelpful, especially a young English girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes – we nearly missed our ferry at one point because of her inability to help anyone. The accommodation the first time we stayed at Big Blue was lovely – air conditioned, nice balcony and most importantly FREE!! However, the second time that we stayed there, we were handed the key for another fan room on the lower floor of the accommodation building. This room was entirely unlivable – there were cockroaches scurrying around, worms and other crawlies in the bathroom and it was unclean. When electricity outage houston we reported this to reception, we were moved to one of the bungalows without question. Although a huge step up, the bungalow was stiflingly hot since the fan did nothing at all. All in all, I think the quality of your experience depends hugely on your instructor. Anna, Neil and James were all fantastic when we went. For accommodation, either book elsewhere, or insist on a/c!!

I tried 3 diving resorts on Ko Tao, and Big Blue Diving was the BEST, by far!!! I booked a full day trip with Big Blue to Sail Rock. Everything was seemless and the dive masters were excellent! * The trip was very well planned (easy process to book and get your equipment; not much time waiting around in the morning… unlike other schools) * We were taken to brilliant dive sites – 2 dives at Sail Rock and a 3rd dive closer to Ko Tao * The instructors were electricity bill excellent – I learnt a huge amount about fish and marine life from not only my dive master, but the other dive masters on the boat (these guys are smart and they’re passionate about marine life… this is not just a job for them) * The food was brilliant – a hot breakfast to start, fruit, biscuits, coffee and an absolutely delicious lunch I loved diving with Big Blue and was sad that I only discovered them at the end of my stay on Ko Tao. They are a cut above the other dive schools I used – they’re professional, they’re passionate about marine life and the staff are really friendly and great to be around. The cost for the full day trip including 3 dives, equipment hire and meals was THB3,500. I was really glad to spend this kd 7 electricity socks money with Big Blue!!! For those who want to save some $$$ – Sail Rock trips are cheaper from Koh Phangnan.

My girlfriend and I chose Big Blue to do our PADI open water course and feel we made a great choice. Our course was with Kent, a Canadian guy with a good sense of humour which he uses to great effect when you’re feeling nervous about anything. Kent was a great instructor who was always very patient when we found some of the skills difficult and offered a lot of encouragement and praise. From talking to other people with different instructors they are all excellent also. We passed our course in four days and also went for a fun dive, our Divemaster James found us plenty of hard to spot things and gas welder job description we throughly enjoyed the whole dive. One criticism would be the lack of transparency with regard to the difference in pricing between PADI and SSI courses. They are advertising at the same price but only once you have signed up are you told that it’s extra for PADI because you must purchase your own text book. They also push SSI fairly hard here and we were initially made to feel a bit awkward over insisting on PADI. That aside we had a fantastic time on Koh Tao with Big Blue and pricing confusion aside I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to start out in scuba diving. Thanks to Kent, Emily, James, Steven and the rest of the team. Crin and Sarah

We did the open water course at big blue because it was recommended to us by friends who stayed there electricity lessons grade 6 a few years ago. Unfortunately, the place seemed to have changed a lot since then. This was also confirmed to us by another diver who used to come to big blue every year and was quite shocked about what happened to the place. The first shock hit us when we saw our room, for which we paid 1000 baht. It was a disaster, i’m sure that it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. Especially the bathroom gas vs diesel prices was disgusting, with all kinds of hair, worms and leftovers in the toilet, even after flushing several times. Furthermore, the sink was broken and there was no running water. We finally had to bribe the cleaning lady, who then cleaned the bathroom floor with the toilet brush (!) and got someone to repair the sink. However the water smelled bad and was brownish (we’re not sure if it came directly out of the toilet). It was not only our room, but the entire place that was quite messy, with garbage lying around everywhere. Once we found a fish head in front of our room. Despite this disappointment, we tried gas x strips instructions to stay positive and were still looking forward to the diving classes. However, our instructor was very inexperienced and impatient. After the first dive, only half of our group continued. Moreover, the equipment looked very old and we were worried about our safety when using it. When we told our instructor that air was leaking from a tank, the instructor just told us that they had been using these tanks for a long time and never experienced any problems. The boat that was driving us to the different dive sites was crappy, too. You could smell the petrol so much that most of us felt sick after inhaling the gases. Even our instructor complained about the boat. In general, the instructor seemed very tired and told us that they never have a day off at big blue. I guess that’s why they seem so szressed all the time. The atmosphere was better in the evenings (partly electricity trading hedge funds because you can’t see all the dirt when it’s dark). The beach bar at big blue is nice and the food good. However, when we were eating, there were dogs begging for food everywhere. Conclusion: if you care more about lifestyle than about safety and cleanliness, then big blue is the right place for you. However, if you value professionalism, you should definitely look for a different place. For us, the big blue experience was a big disappointment.

Wanted to complete Open Water Diver course but wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it so enquired about taster dives. Was given all info requested and informed that 50% of the electricity generation by state course price is refunded if I wanted to quit after first day. Friendliness and helpfulness of instructor on this initial meeting made us pick Big Blue, go for the full course and I am really glad we did. The instructor Heather quickly rang their hotel which is a 5 minute walk away and organised accommodation for us. The room was basic but clean and the cost per night was halved to 750baht while we dived with them. We were a group of 6 and Heather was a fantastic instructor, couldn’t fault her. Typical American – friendly, enthusiastic and has a great sense of humour. She made diving seem easy. Her experience (over 5000 dives), confidence and enthusiasm allowed her to very quickly gain my trust in the water. She was very patient with students for whom English was not their first language and took time to answer every question anyone had. Although there were 6 in the group this was not too large, the instructor was able to spend time needed with each of us. On some of the dives we were accompanied by Russ a dive master in training who i recommend just as highly as Heather. We went on 4 dives. Heather tried hard to find and point out everything people said they wanted to see. The 4th dive gas pressure definition chemistry was amazing beyond words, she found us a turtle and surprised us with a swim over a WW2 ship wreck! I am new to diving but equipment seemed well looked after and there was plenty of it. Although it is a big and busy diving company it is well organised and has the friendly feel of a small company. An amazing DVD is available to purchase of your final 2 dives but it is expensive (2500baht). I have since found out that there are other dive companies that do a DVD as well and give a bigger and some may say fairer discount if more than one electricity facts person in the group buy it. We also found out after buying it that our instructor has invested interest in the sale of the DVDs and although they say it can’t be burnt – it can and without any damage being caused to the original. I do not regret buying it as it is well worth having but wanted to make you aware of this if you think you might want one and are on a tight budget. Big thanks to our videographer Billy who did a fab job. I hope to return to Thailand to do my advanced open water course one day and would use Big Blue – especially if I knew I could have Heather as an instructor again 🙂