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Oh, such a great show. I should say that I didn’t know what to expect first since I had already since Les Miserables gas 78 industries the previous day. As a musical shows fan, Les mIserables is in my thought, one of the best. As a result, I went expecting to see a good show but nothing more. However, Billy got my mouth shut. It is trully fantastic:from the small Billy, to the coreographies, the songs (the music is composed by Elton John; anything more to say?) and the message. Though I am not a big fan gas or electricity more expensive of shows with messages and learning experiencies, the thruth is that Billy Elliot has a very nice message. Billy’s story touches every one of us in a different way. The good thing is that although you circle k gas station locations will get emotional, there are many funny caracthers and songs. So you will also laugh. Billy’s grandmother and his best friends are just hilarious. Oh, I should say that since the story takes place in the north of England, the actors use a different british accent. Result: at the first 20′ it was hard for me to understand. But you soon get used to it. As Bily feels, you will also feel Electricity.

With the music of Sir Elton John, the deep static electricity human body causes, rumbling voices of the miners, the sensitive yet powerful acting, the working-class bad language, and of course, the dancing, this musical is un- missable. Not only does Billy feels like electricity, he electrified the whole audience from head to toe also, in this magical performance. How an eleven year old boy can exert such mature emotion c gastronomie through his movement is something which i have no answer for…. I found it unbelievable. Whether Billy is angry, confused, happy or sad the emotion is expressed exquisitely through the actors’ (in my case, Ali Rasul played the role of Billy) obvious true love of dance. This show is a mixture of tap, contemporary and ballet, which allows a lot of versatility in the mood of different scenes. Tap allows the character of Billy to release his gas near me app anger and frustration, as this can be quite a harsh, loud genre of dance. Contemporary/jazz dance is used at the more fun, light-hearted moments, and best till last- ballet, which is the style that Billy is devoted to, and therefore allows the gas density of air actor to express the most passion and power of all the three styles. There is humour used throughout the musical, which adds another dimension and ensures you are not left believing Billy’s life is overly passionate and serious. The scene where Billy and his grade 9 electricity unit review secretly gay friend Michael get into Michael’s sister’s clothes (at Michael’s request) in which Zak Baker executed the role brilliantly, is truly hilarious! Billy gets twirled into Michael’s magical daydreams of giant frilly frocks, pink blusher and high-heels, which adds a light-hearted jolliness to the performance. The over-smiley, animated ballet girls in their garish pink tutus and ultra-marine eye-shadow, with a purposeful wrong move here and a snide look at another girl there, are also very amusing and really make you electricity production by state giggle. Billy’s dazed old grandmother performing a cabaret number at one point is also very funny. A contrast to this humour electricity usage by appliance is the hearty passion of the miners, pulsating with fury and hatred for ‘that bloody idiot Thatcher’. Twenty deep male voices are breathtakingly compelling live and you really feel the spirit and anger in their singing. To move you even more so, you meet Billy’s dead mother in the form of Billy’s memories, several intimate letters and beautifully sensitive songs. The production has very clever attention to detail which creates a very realistic feel to the musical. You may notice the way the miners do up their jackets and shiver to show electricity year invented they’re outside, or that one of the ballet girls sucks on a lollipop. All these little gas in back trapped things add to making the musical seem very real and therefore even more effective. Lastly, I loved the scene where young Billy dances with his older ‘Royal Ballet’ self- just the two of them on the empty stage- it is very magical and their dancing is effortless and beautiful. In conclusion, go and book tickets for Billy Elliot! You must! It is spectacular.